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To Investigate the Challenges in Planting a Multi-Ethnic Church in the Mid-West

The study aims to investigate the challenges in planting a multi-ethnic church in the midwest. The trends of churches in the world are based on different ideologies. The idea of planting a multi-ethnic church would enable us to comprehend the complexities of religions. Missiology is the field of religion; the study will provide insight into a new dimension of religious practices. However, the study of Christian missiology has begun reflected in literature more than a century ago. It has the rich, dark history of academia. Root academia on missiology would be used to generate a body of literature for the study. The research entails the challenges and recognizes problems in different institutions of the world. It is imperative in this study to collaborate on the hindrance posed in the direction of its success.

The vast literature postulates the odd place of missiology in theological academia. There are multiple views of defining the course of Missiology. A traditional approach, however, refrains the planting of the multi-ethnic church. The study would extract those obstacles and include them as a body of this research. The study would aim to look afresh into the problem of identifying the nature and characteristics of missiology and propose a viable understanding. The development of the discipline requires a comprehensive approach to understanding the concept of a multi-ethnic church. A working understanding could lead to some adequate challenges faced by the multi-ethnic churches. The study would insinuate the ground realities imposed on the composition of a church. The confusion of developing the base for drastic changes to the church system would be supportive of the study. A theoretical model would be formulated identifying the core variables of the study. The variables would be discussed in detail with historical supportive data.

The methodology of the research would be substantial to ensure the significant challenges to the multi-ethnic churches. A detailed qualitative research analysis would be carried out to gather as much information as possible. The study is aiming to interview a minimum of 30 heads of different churches in the area. A study will conduct a formal self-administered interview. The responses would be documented properly. After establishing the literature, it would be easier to formulate a valid questionnaire for an interview. A steady approach would be adopted to organize all the responses collected from the representatives of the church. It is evident to ensure honest responses between the lobby of churches in the area. The concept of multi-ethnic may come as a surprise to some heads. It is possible to conduct a quantitative survey as well to collect responses from people, and how they feel about the concept of a multi-ethnic church. The opinions of the public could be transformed into challenges in the placement of a church. Most of the resources would be spent on this particular section of the research. The objective would reach out to the maximum number of churches and the most number of people.

The results would be based on the responses collected from the heads of the churches and the public. The study would devise structured findings based on literature and surveys. The application of methodology would help the researchers understand the current take of churches on the idea. The aggregate data would be analyzed using different statistical tools. However, the theoretical aspect of the findings would be based on the surveys might have a significant contribution to the study. The analysis would constitute two sections. The first one would be demographic, and the other is statistical. The findings would be led by some suggestions and recommendations on how to cope with the challenges. The composition of the final chapters of the research would be based on the literature and methodology. Moreover, the findings would be associated with the literature in the discussion part of the research.



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