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Theoretical Approach To Counseling

I embrace behavioral theory when approaching counseling. This is basically on my humanistic level cognitive behavioral approach therapy. I prefer much of the internal dialogue in counseling and self-defeating in case of any negative challenge. I normally focus on factors such as the beliefs, images, and attitudes of the opponent when dealing with counseling matters (Corey & Callanan, 2014). In other words, I give attention to the client’s behavior and attitude before dealing with any emotional challenge. I give consideration to the professional code of negative thinking. Through the application of behavioral activation in counseling, I make sure the client overcomes steps the barriers in any given activity. I basically focus on person-centered counseling based on the fact that I am an expert on myself, and I can access any of my inner expertise resources for self-direction in counseling. In this way, I focus on empathic understanding so that I can get to know exactly what the client of concern needs.

Concept of human nature

I view human nature from different concepts and perspectives. There are different ways through which the concept of the nature of humans can be seen. From my point of view, human nature is just a set of factors such as assumptions, beliefs, and attitudes, which is the answer to what human nature is. In my opinion, these factors clearly illustrate how people live in their own settings. People have their private theories about who nature is, and this reduces the chances of any form of complexity (Wheeler & Bertram, 2015).

Techniques I will use in my theoretical approach

In my theoretical approach, I will use techniques such as the application of congruency to determine the traits that humans show up for appropriate evaluation of personal disclosure (Neukrug & Milliken, 2011). I will have client recognition so that I can understand the counselor with some degree of confidence. In addition, I will use the incongruence technique so that I can prompt the clients during counseling.

My philosophy use of assessment, diagnosis, and testing

Philosophically I use an assessment approach for getting basic data and information on main challenge in any given issue I am dealing with. I normally do a diagnosis of the root cause before giving any counseling. Testing the root cause of the problem is another philosophy I use to make sure that I don’t just hit the bush but know exactly what is because of which trouble.

Personal values, beliefs, and worldviews influence

I am attracted to personal values, views worldwide, and beliefs simply because I know they are the factors that build the nature of any given person. Through interpretation of such, I will get a grip through which it becomes very easy for me to carry on counseling. In the use of these factors, I will be able to understand what determines who will be in which certain type of situation or even attitude; hence, easy counseling is done.



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