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The Role Of HRM In Business Success

Human Resources is essential to any organization, ranging from the company’s image to its strategic planning. HR practitioners in any business who possess expertise and skills provide lots of impact and services like training to employees to enhance their skills hence organizational success. According to Storey (2007, 10), the areas that are controlled and maintained by the HR department in an organization are enhanced with an employees’ experience throughout the workforce, and this strengthens business operations.

In the area of strategic management, HRM can ensure that Lorne Insurance improves the bottom line of the organization with its understanding of how organizational success is affected by human capital. Expertise leaders in HR strategic management can participate in an efficient decision-making process to support Lorne Insurance’s strategy management by underlining projections and current staffing assessments on the business demand needed from the future workforce, hence making an organizational success (Storey, 2007, 24).

Armstrong (2006, 30) explained that HRM is crucial to the success of an organization because it ensures that all liability issues like unfair employment practices within the organization are minimized and solved. For instance, in the Lorne insurance company, HR specialists can investigate and resolve all workplace issues that were left unattended and even embroil the company in legal matters relating to harassment laws and state anti-discrimination.

Lastly, HRM is important because it enhances safety and risk management in an organization, hence ensuring success. The HR department in Lorne Insurance Company can ensure that there is compliance between the organization with the Health Administration and Occupational safety regulations through maintaining accurate records and work logs while coming up with programs to reduce the number of injuries at the workplace and fatalities hence the success of the organization (stone and Raymond, 2013, 15).

In conclusion, Lorne Insurance Company can lose from not fully utilizing its employees unless HRM practice is incorporated into its management. Other roles that HR can perform in ensuring organizational success include employee satisfaction, recruitment and hiring, and training and development of employees.


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