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The Jackson Democracy

Question One: Was the Age of Jackson Truly an Age of Democracy?

Various aspects surround the election and presidency of Andrew Jackson as the president of the United States of America. Some of his characteristics portrayed democracy in different mannerisms, an aspect that led to critics from different personnel across the United States of America, especially those opposed to his authority.

Although these were considered the early ages of democracy, Jackson tried in all aspects to facilitate and instill universal elements in the society, not practised before. For instance, he was voted into office, a feature considered to be the pillar of democracy. Through this aspect, the voice of the majority got heard. Such was expressed by the high number of people, from all walks of life who thronged the white house for celebrations, an aspect never witnessed before (OpenStax CNX, 2018). Such demonstrated the challenges the common man had been subjected to under the old forms of deference where the elite, ideas of virtue and family ideas were used to control leadership. Throughout his administration, Jackson tried to protect the common man, an aspect that made him hated by many and liked by many more on the same measure.

Question two: Were his action and decisions better connected to that of an absolute monarch or one who cares for the people of his country?

The actions of Andrew Jackson, during his reign, were characterized by the grave concern of the common man. Due to this, the elite, and other groups who controlled the economy and power before were not happy in any way (Remini, 2011). Furthermore, Jackson was elected into office, disputing any monarchical associations. In this case, Jackson cared for people of his country.


In concluding, I firmly agree with Jackson’s mechanism of ruling in different aspects. Other than being elected to office, representing the maturity of democracy, he fought for the common man in all aspects, even after facing stiff resistance from some groups.


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