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the importance of Parent Training for the management of behavior and development of the child

Parents play a very significant role in children’s lives. They have to raise their children in the best way possible and ensure they succeed. With just a little skill from the parents, children can become outstanding with certain futures and unusual talents. Many research studies have been conducted on parental training and involvement (Alvy, 1994). Parent training plays a significant role in helping parents develop skills required for managing behavior and developing the child. In this paper, I will briefly discuss the need for parent training.

Authoritative parents help in cultivating a child’s motivation. This authoritative parenting is confirmed by the recent study by Carol Dweck, a psychologist in social development at the University of Stanford, which shows that praising children’s abilities, skills, and talents builds up their confidence. These children become successful. For instance, when some children who score higher in class are praised, it stirs up the spirit of working hard, in those left out to work harder and with much confidence to achieve higher scores. They are motivated in some way (Levine,2012).

Another study that involves Diana Baumrind, a developmental and clinical psychologist from the University of California in Berkeley, shows that a good, caring, and involved parent sets higher expectations concerning the child’s autonomy. Children raised by such parents have good emotional and academic outcomes. Children are allowed to do things according to their capability and parents do things that satisfy the child’s needs. Parents learn to congratulate and give good directions to children (Levine,2012). However, they should avoid unnecessary interventions since it makes a child get angry at them or lower their self-esteem.

To conclude, parent training is much needed in the upbringing of children, and this calls for a responsive and authoritative parent. This authoritative parenting helps build a child’s confidence and motivation, propelling their dreams into reality. It is, therefore, the responsibility of every parent to take the initiative to raise their children responsibly.


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