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The Implementation of Strategic Ideas

Implementation is a process that turns ideas and strategies in to act in order to achieve your set ideas and goals. Implementation of strategic ideas is very crucial and significant in healthcare processes. Implementing a successful plan change involves five steps, these includes: accepting and admitting the need to change, communicating the important reason in involving people in strategic plans, expansion of revolution ideas through setting of objectives to accomplish during implementation, executing of transformation plans ,this involves sharing of responsibilities involved and assessment and verifying of the strategic plans.

Evaluation and documentation of a current process in health care are very important, it involves both informative, impact and context evaluation. It is important because: it provides useful guidelines for the next process, it provides important information to the stakeholders for efficiency in the next program, and it enables them to determine whether the current method was successful or not (Saldana et al., 2014). Through reviewing of strategies, strengths, and weaknesses, hence it is possible to identify gaps and regions of adjustment making it a crucial stage in the successful implementation of plans.

If the stage is omitted it may lead to the following problems: First, it is not able to ascertain areas of expansion from the previous program hence likelihood of repeating the same mistake in the new program this is because during evaluation and documentation the stakeholders will be able to understand the shortcomings of the prior process. Second, wastage of resources this is because a lot of capital will be spent in the planning and implementation of the program yet this could have been avoided if the evaluation of the previous plan was assessed because they would get ways to optimize resources through avoiding unnecessary procedures (Saldana, 2014). Three, through the establishment of baseline study and program demonstration achievement, makes it easier for measuring impact hence lack of time to do so will make it difficult to measure the success of the process leading to failure hence affecting the outcome.


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