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the dramatic impact of the Secure Attachment Style on love or romantic relationships

Secure attachment is one of the four major attachment theories describing the relationships between individuals. An enclosure can be defined as a close, emotional, long-lasting, or short-term relationship between individuals in which the parties involved enjoy the care and love of one another. Secure attachment is a particular type of attachment in which each engaged in the enclosure feels loved and cared for by the partner in the absence or presence of the partner. (Crooks, R. & Baur, K. (2017). This type of attachment has dramatically impacted love or romantic relationships in some ways, some of which are listed below.

Securely attached individuals tend to have a more long-lasting relationship than their counterparts attached otherwise (Killermann, S. (2017). This fact has been attributed to the trust that exists between individuals who are securely attached. The developed love or romantic relationship is an excellent and reliable foundation of faith upon which, if all relationships were built, many long-lasting links would be made.

Again, researchers have shown that securely attached individuals have high self-esteem. Which is the sense of being of much import to the society, the feeling of being loved and of high value? Many individuals who view social relationships with many superstitions are at a higher risk of low self-esteem. This group of individuals, however, is securely attached have a very different view of social relations, of romance compared to individuals who possess different styles of attachments, and thus have high self-esteem.

Securely attached individuals or adults are free to share their feelings with their partners without feeling insecure. This could be attributed to the fact that a secure attachment style provides a platform in which couples romantically in love develop total trust for one another and that each party feels at ease and more confident when they express their feelings to one another.

In conclusion, secure attachment skills are one of the four major attachment styles and are the healthiest. As seen earlier, this method is characterized by individuals being free to share their feelings, the relationship or the affair being long-lasting, and high self-esteem observed in the individuals.


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