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The Adventure of an IT Leader

Question 1

The Information Technology Department ought to raise the developments devoted to scanning for and analyzing emerging issues in technology, by so doing they will examine the upcoming innovations. The department should also consider regular changes and development at intervals as demanded by analyzing and scanning emerging technologies. Also, the department should roll out enhancements that essentially examines and subdivide innovations relating to development. The newly adopted technology will not only help the IT department to be more efficient but also the general outcome of an organization will improve. Along with innovation and new technology, the Information Technology Departments ought to add to the system that may manage the upcoming innovations.

Information sharing and availability ease and it is supported by data inputs that are updated and upgraded efficient technology. Proper training should be considered to help employees to learn, develop and identify the new technologies for higher organization’s gains and benefits. Other endeavors that an IT department may apply include standards of development for management decisions, procedure developments that will guarantee the required and right results and better execution, which defines the arrangement of an organization’s needs, created (Maclver, 2009). Considering these needs, IT departments should continuously put efforts that are required for scanning and analyzing the emerging technologies  (Boswell & Olson-Buchanan, 2007).

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Question 2:

The three Bernie Reuben’s Questions takes into account actions on the blog problems at IVK. These issues are part of the current development and inspirations in the upcoming technologies resulted in the creation of business system issues. Hence, we do not need Carl Williams to understand everything about IVK blog website. Williams depicts June’s occasion for website access, eventually distraught. A blog is not an online journal read by a portion of a general population. Also, by implications, a blogger is not supposed to turn off his or her blog page. IVK should come up with strategies that will keep off individuals from posting information on websites.

Therefore, blogging should be under strict guidelines to avoid information breaching and interested individuals during transmission. The IVK Information Technology personnel should maintain data integrity and privacy as much as possible. Expert reviews of a blog are also necessary before its publication. Authorized personnel, individuals with responsible acts and directed by guidelines, should be allowed to access the blog. By doing so, new current upcoming technologies are used to benefit and attract customers rather than sharing personal information via blogging (McAfee, 2002). A blogger should comprehend that he is consistent with simplicity and correct approaches for blogger’s online journal redress independent from other individuals with the organization obstruction (Robert D Austin, n.d.).

Question 3:

Blocking of Blog entries that are suspicious and are against the company’s interest is necessary. The action should be conducted as immediately as possible. The company will be in a position to reconsider its strategies and contents through discussions. The manufacturer of the blog entry will then be identified and interrogated on the reasons for distribution such data. Suspicious and malicious individuals risk a business company and expose important and private information to competitors and the public (McAfee, 2002).

Question 4:

The company’s general policy on blogging regarding information within the company could include coming up with blog systems that support security checkup before spreading a blog post. The company should avoid and operated independently of malicious individuals and groups. The company should organize themselves for a specific method of blogging including authorities that are regulated by the firm. The organization and regulated authorities will ensure that blog contents can be examined to ensure that they are secure before posting or being published.

All employees may be directed to follow the security guidelines that may consist integrity and privacy of valuable personal and organization’s information through blogging. Hence, the company may opt to have a specific formularization and control that they should administer in the company (Bandura, 1997).

Question 5:

The plotting emerging technologies and analyzing processes could be identifying the business requirements, distinguishing the diverse technologies that are emerging and estimating the possible benefits offered by the emerging technologies. Also, the organization may select the best emerging business technology that is in line with their defined business requirements. They may train their employees for the appropriate and fair technology adopted and apply the technology.  They may also opt to review the gains and outcomes that the company has gained since the adoption of the emerging technology (Boswell & Olson-Buchanan, 2007).

Question 6

For infrastructural technology standards enhancement, the three proposed processes that IVK should follow include the use internet facility in the organization to ensure that the employees are always updated via communication inputs that will enable them to browse and surf with the latest reports, information, and management guidelines. The company may also establish Customer Relationship Management (CRM) techniques that will assist the company to achieve customer satisfaction via the company employee’s support and after sales services and sell support. The online facility makes the company’s website that will connect the officials of the organization, and they will use updated information through the website’s downloads (Boswell & Olson-Buchanan, 2007).

Question 7

Regarding Information Technology Standardization and innovation, there are few clashes and issues linked to IVK’s IT department methods; for instance, at IVK the business administrator takes their own decisions.  Nevertheless, that acquisition of new programming and equipment and UNIX utilization emerges issues at the IT division. However, the IT innovation and standardizations are not in conflict in IVK organization as the emerging technologies support the business processes such as profits and higher gains. The company has to come up with strategies that will enforce new the emerging technology. By doing so the business, while using Information Technology facility, will achieve standardization for safety distribution of information and efficiency from the operations. The adoption of web 2.0 technology, which includes Ajax and JavaScript, helps the business company to uphold control over the commercial process and attain better networking in the organization and operate antagonistically from the fraudulent activity that may lead to information loss (Nixon, 2001).

Answer 8:

The use of the Kid’s toolkit approach to managing states includes various elements such as planning, delegation, controlling, and directing so that an organization misses no step. This approach examines the ancient examination method that is being utilized as a management process. By doing so, the company keeps themselves informed and updated on the latest changes that may take place in an organization. In an authoritative setting and inside the association appreciates the odds of a given condition in some circumstances. The approach considers the framework change and the hierarchical setting of the organization. Also, the control over the business operation is so since the dis-alignment from the business objective can be avoided (Butkeviciene, Stravinskiene, & Rutelione, 2008).


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