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Describe the company and its products

The company which was the best sustainable company in this year is the Dassault Systems. It is a French company, based in the Villacoublay, France. Dassault Systems produces Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) softwares, 3D designs, and 3D digital mockup. Dassault Systems is a subsidiary of Dassault group which was created by Avions Marcel Dassault in the year 1981. It first started producing the Computer Aided Design (CAD) softwares. In 2003, the French government sold the company’s 15.74% stakes in the market. In 2011, Dassault group were having 42.2% shares of the marketing. The company moved its headquarter to Villacoublay from Suresnes in 2008. This new headquarter is now known as 3DS Paris complex.

Discuss the efforts the company has made in the area of sustainability

  • Non or low emission footprint

Dassault systems being the software company has been sustainabile in many areas, that’s why it is listed on top of the forbes sustainable companies list. The company has made efforts to be a non emission company, where they have made centers with centralized emissions which does not harm the surrounding of their plants.

  • Conservation of energy and natural resources

Conversing energy and natural resources are most important aspect for every company to take account of. Dassault systems, being a software production company consumes a lot of electricity, but they have made flexible shifts to work effectively and for the purpose to ensure measures to reduce the usage of electricity.

  • Economical efficiency

In economical terms, they have hired more females employees recently to match the female and male in their company. It has helped to become a more economical firm.

  • Health care for workers, community, and consumers

For the employees, they have provided yearly insurance programs for each level of organizations. It helps to create a sustainable environment in the company. For community and consumers, proper safety measures of their products are provided where the customers can use their product with description provided with it.

  • Creative rewarding for workers

Dassault systems has made efforts to reduce the gap of salaries from CEO to the average workers. Now, this figure is down at 26%, where the company tries to offer bonuses to the employees which are equal to the CEO of the company.



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