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Supernumerary Intelligence (SI) Essay

In my understanding, SI integrates both the quantitative and the qualitative to establish a melded system of intelligence at a basic level. Therefore, SI combines data, intelligence, information, and knowledge to solve problems that are basically beyond numbers and that is why it integrates both the quantitative and the qualitative elements. The SI differs from the basic analytical methods such as the quantitative and the qualitative methods. The basic analytical methods only seek at answering the research questions driving the analytical method. The SI, on the other hand, is different as it not only integrates the qualitative and the quantitative methods into mixed methods but also melds these basic analytical methods into a single approach (Dickey et al., 2015). This approach is a methodological as well as a philosophical approach that goes beyond just answering the research questions to creating a more integrated solution to academic researches.

In areas with large and complex data sets, it becomes difficult for the basic analytical methods to process that massive data. This, therefore, calls for the use of a robust data processing application that integrates several applications to quantify and enhance performance. The ability of the SI to provide solutions to processing this massive data using analytical tools distinguishes SI to basic analytical methods. While basic analytical methods only view data process perspective, the SI views data in the perspective of process and the content perspective. The content perspective is what differentiates the SI from basic methods. This implies that SI goes beyond data. The SI tool that has been developed to provide a content solution is Public Administration Genome Process (PAGP) while that one for the process is Quantitative Cyberquest (QCQ) (Dickey et al., 2015). PAGP uses human genes to describe the secrets of life while QCQ uses a combination of systems in determining how a system works.

The QCQ and the PAGP tools are being utilized by individuals and organizations in several decision-making initiatives in the workplaces. The QCQ tool can be useful when it comes to decision making in my job of interest as a lawyer. Lawyers need to engage their brains as well as the legal understanding to make decisions regarding cases in court. The QCQ tool could assist me in integrating evidence while observing my client’s accusation and the possible verdict and come up with a suitable intelligent presentation that will defend my client. As a manager, the application of PAGP will assist me in determining the structural behaviors of employees with the same values and skills to establish a structural approach on the best way that would be used to lead the group. PAGP would assist me to develop the best leadership approach to the selected group of workers based on their secret of life.


Dickey, J. W., Birdsall, I. A., Larkin, G. R., & Kim, K. S. (2015). Supernumerary Intelligence: a new approach to analytics for management. IAP.



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