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SSJ No Limit Innovation’s Need for Investors

Southern California-based SSJ No Limit Innovations is a brand new startup whose main goal is to help in the fight against cancer by developing a non-toxic treatment that will save the lives of our patients. SSJ No Limit Innovations have struggled to attract investors who believe in their business model as a start-up (Montoliu, 2021). They have settled on the notion of obtaining investors through the use of marketing companies that can help them widen their reach to the proper people in the healthcare system after debating many different suggestions on how to improve this. They intend to collaborate with one of three companies: Good Apple, Excel Digital Marketing, or Cardinal Digital Marketing. They hope to form a relationship with the one that can assist them to contact cancer patients for clinical trials and healthcare professionals. Without an innovation strategy, different parts of an organization could have slightly conflicting priorities.

The most urgent needs of the largest customers are communicated daily to the sales force. Marketing can identify opportunities to increase market share through new distribution channels or to strengthen the brand through related products. Business unit leaders focus on their target markets and their specific profit and loss concerns. Different perspectives are needed for successful innovation (Montoliu, 2021). Without a strategy to integrate different views on common goals, the power of diversity is uncertain or, worse, self-destructive. Finally, SSJ No Limit Innovations requires the services of a marketing firm to assist them in achieving their specific objectives in the healthcare system. This includes finding new investors and cancer patients for clinical trials, as well as ensuring the success of SSJ No Limit Innovations’ cancer treatment in the US, Europe, and Mexico.


Montoliu, L. (2021). #Biotech: The need for biotechnology communication. Mètode Revista De Diffusion De La Investigation, (9), 6.



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