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Should Young People do Extreme Sports?

The main aim of the paper is to discuss an argument that the young people should be allowed to do the extreme sports. There are many health factors that that hindrances the acceptance of the extreme sports among youngsters like the freestyle skiing, snowmobile long jumps, and motocross. The fun could not be ignored as the extreme sports are some of the best ways to create fun and enjoyment among the youngsters. It is highly required that the extreme sports must be approved for young generation so that they would be able to understand the ways to handle the risks.

Extreme sports are traditionally explored from a risk-taking perspective which often assumes that participants do not experience fear. The best example chosen could be the sport in which the health, injury and damage is expected like bike riding. There comes a number of incidents in which the participant could face injury because of lack of skills and wrong decisions. The best way to handle these things is to get better trainings and after completion of the trainings, the individual would be allowed to perform these sports. Extreme sports lead to understand the science of velocity, speed and decisions. The best example could be the bull riding. There comes a time when an athlete have to understand the movement tactics and the way to handle the bull for riding over it as long as possible. It is highly required

In a nutshell it can be explained that the young people should be allowed to do the extreme sports as it helps an individual to develop his personal risk management skills as well as to improve the mental health of the adolescents. The young people seek opportunities to thrill and the only way to fulfill this need is the extreme sports, if allowed will be the only chance to prove themselves according to their capabilities.



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