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Seedfolks By Paul Fleischman

A dynamic and different human family that faces problems in their lives and helps each other solve their problems is the engaging aspect of the story. The characters in this story struggle with turmoil and frustration. To overcome their loneliness, they start to keep themselves busy by nurturing the garden and finding companionship. By doing this, they kept themselves busy as well, and they created something very valuable. This helped in restoring their inner peace. Images of cultural backgrounds seen in the story are captivating.

This is a good story that you can relate to your personal life as well as the world. Finding inner peace at some point in life when someone suffers from a loss or pain is an important aspect of human nature. Readers can relate to the story as it helps them make connections with their personal lives and the outer world. Finding inner peace through nature is the topic of this story, just like the movie and the book “The Secret Garden”, in which a girl grows flowers in her secret garden, and along with this garden, she also grows and transforms her bitter, sour soul to an independent, peaceful human being.

Everyone has to face some real-life challenges in his/ her life. During such a dark period, one starts feeling gloomy. At this point, bringing change in one’s thinking and finding balance becomes important. This book reminds me of my struggle with depression in the low phase of my life.

This book really makes the reader emotional. This is because of the connection you feel with the story. When one does not feel content with himself/herself. Finding inner peace and contentment in life is not something ordinary. This emotional element of the story makes this book special to the reader. I would recommend this book to anyone feeling down after some loss in his/her life and to anyone searching for peace of mind in his/her chaotic life (Paul, 2004).


Paul, F. (2004). Seedfolks. 112.



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