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It’s perceived as the most invention in the twentieth century, many countries through their government own public corporation. Its shares are publicly traded and are usually hold by a large number of shareholders. It’s known to exist under approval by an act of parliament. Additionally, it’s always set out with an objective of carrying out a specific commercial activity that would benefits the nation.

Public corporations do share very many common features;

  • Formed and operated basically with a service motive that is beneficial
  • It’s under state government, run by corporation management but major policies are taken by the government, this is why they are referred to as PUBLIC corporations.
  • Enjoys immunity from the parliament, corporate entity, had power to acquire, hold or dispose property; employees are not civil servants unless disputed by the government.


Travel technology based in Southlake, Texas United States. It’s known as the largest global distribution systems providers for air bookings in North America. Was found by American Airlines in 1960, to capitalize on synergies of combining AMRs information technology business under common government. Is a leading provider of information technology solutions for the travel industry. 30,0 00 travel agencies, three million registered individual customers, and numerous corporations access information on and book reservations with more than four hundred air lines.

Its products include Trip Case, Get There, airline solutions, travel network, hospitality solutions. Nevertheless, Sabre employs more than nine thousands employers who are known to be committed and gifted in the field of technology, hence growing faster as well. By 2016, its revenue rose to 3.37billion, operating income being 459.57million, net income is 242.56million dollars, total assists 5.72billion dollars.

Sabre is well known as to be leading in various sectors as far as transport industry is concerned.

  • Known in designing, developing and implementing information technology solutions in the travel industry.
  • It provides its customers with all the information necessary to buy and sell travel. As a result, it was voted the World’s leading Global distribution system. This occurred three times consecutively, evidence that it’s progressing on so well.
  • Leading in Electronic Travel Distribution, business bringing up together travel suppliers, travel buyers and value added intermediaries in an electronic marketplace.
  • Known as a leading marketplace for travelling globally due to the fact that it’s a leading technology provider to the global travel industry. Its Soft wares, data and distribution dissolutions are used by hundreds of airlines including Alaska Airline Corporation. Moreover, it’s used by more than 400 hotels in managing passengers and guest reservation, flight operation and etc.

Sabre leadership lies under Lawrence Keller, who is the company Executive Chairman, President and CEO being Sean Menken. Sabre Website is

Sabre, just like any other company has its mission, visions and values guiding it unto achieving its goals and planning for a better strategy. As a result, the company has its MISSIONS, VISSIONS AND VALUES ALIGNED TOTHEIR STRATEGY. To begin with, Mission is a set of task that fulfills a purpose or duty a company is trying to achieve.

Sabre systems is a quality driven company that has a responsibility in providing technical, scientific and management solutions to government and international clients. It is this mission that forms the current state of affair of Sabre. It helps employees and customers to understand what it’s all about. Once employees and customers have already known what the company is all about, its daily activities are maintained without any rule breaking. Furthermore, the mission moves organization into achieving its goals or vision. Without a mission statement, Sabre couldn’t have owned the most committed employees, nor could it have managed to win consecutively as the best technology travel industry. Mission defines the business, products or services and customers, it differentiate itself from other competitors by knowing what they need to do, for whom and the benefit. It’s an imprinted mantra

Secondly, Vision is the key goals accompany would wish to achieve. As Sabre, their main vision is providing outstanding technical support and services to all customers across the DoD, Government agencies and industry as a corporate. Being a trusted and ethical corporate, they strive to be your company of choice. Vision is what motivates Sabre at large. For example, in 2012, Sabre managed to establish “passport to freedom”, a program geared at empowering the travel and tourism industry to end human trade and exploitation. Customer interest come first, by placing ourselves in customer’s shoes is all that drives principals.

In addition, Sabre leadership and employees or staff rather, are guided by key values which are strictly followed to ensure desired behaviors is maintained. They include, Ethical behavior, Teamwork, Integrity, Can Do spirit, Professionalism, respect, adaptability, innovation and life balance. Therefore, it is through understanding values, missions and visions the company can plan a well-designed strategic plan.

ETHICS AND STANDARDS OF CONDUCT also make up Sabre, who is dedicated into conducting business with a lot of integrity. Sabre’s employees has a duty to adhere to the ethical codes agreed upon so as to maintain its better progress, by maintaining a good relation between customers, employees and community.

  • To customer: Provides better services to all its customers by meeting their required schedules and budgets. Importantly, they protect and handle information as stated by the rules and regulations.
  • To suppliers: Emphasize fair competition, relationships with other corporations, and maintain their responsibilities so as to remain good customers. Confidential information entrusted unto them is kept safe.
  • To the community: Treating each other fairly by providing conducive environment for all workers, healthy working conditions, protect each other and ensure each other’s privacy is safe.


  • Sabre has its responsibilities important to them as a leading travel company. These includes DRIVE POSITIVE SOCIAL AND CHANGE TOGETHER with employees and workers, which is its corporate responsibility mission
  • SERVE, they serve community well driven with inner passion of creating a better world to all.
  • Sustain and deliver responsible technology solutions to strengthen travel industry.
  • Passport to Freedom, an initiative used to end human trafficking.

FRAMEWORK AND MANAGEMENT. Determining approach to security at a facility includes, establishing the requirements, managing security risks, planning implementations and design of a new security system. Sabre facilities are assessed by Sabre REGISTERED ASSESSOR so as to determine if whether the building or infrastructure is acceptable.

GLOBALIZATION, South lake Texas and still have additional offices in London, Krakow, Bangalore, Montevideo and Buenos. IN 2013, it handled 85000 data per second as revealed by Fort Worth star telegram. Operates under travel networks, airline and hospitality solutions.

Currently, it has more than 40% of the North American market, Present in South American and leading in Europe travel industries.Sabre has established strategic alliances with regional flags carriers penetrating it to very many continents. Today it operates in 30,000 travel agency and more than 70 countries across 6 continents. Regional management permits closer customer interaction and knowledge. Moreover, it has a strong international presence and focused in expanding it to global view.


It’s a leading technology travel industry. Able to serve its customers from wherever they are, manage information technology infrastructure. Being a software, customers are able to have their data through their airline, can enjoy the 24/7 applications, tracking and security access.



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