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The prospect of public education is considered as one of the crucial paradigms of the future directions of the country. Now, it is considered as the necessary argument to understand the aspect of public education and its effectiveness for all the students of the country.

The phenomenon of education provides the necessary opportunities for students to gain academic experience, which can further help to deal with the aspect of poverty in the country. It is crucial to understand that the specific aspect of a country’s public education system is to provide a better socioeconomic approach to the students so they become able to align themselves as an effective form of human capital. Horace Mann effectively addresses the particular prospect of equality in society, referring to education for all students. Here, the focus is to determine the particular statement of whether the facet of education as the “great equalizer” is a myth or a reality.

Undoubtedly, Horace Mann provides necessary insights about the existing features of the country’s modern education system. According to him, education is a significant, influential feature that can help to formulate a balanced society for both rich and poor communities in the country. In other words, he claims that education can be considered as the basic perspective for developing a democratic society. It seems crucial to evaluate the prevailing facet of education and determine whether education is a form of equality in society or not. The particular prospect of education is also successfully discussed by Richard Rodriguez in “The Achievement of Desire.” He explained the feature of education as the source of success and accomplishment in his life. Richard successfully aligns his personal life with the consideration and requirements of the educational paradigm. This particular feature can be identified as: “He takes his first step towards academic success, away from his family.” (Rodriguez, 2). He explains in detail how the struggle for education ultimately helps individuals to stand in society successfully.

The prospect of education can be considered as an effective source of social harmony in the country. It helps society treat every individual equally, without considering the rich or poor. In other words, it can be stated that the paradigm of education plays a vital role in decreasing the gap between different socioeconomic classes in society. It is notable to mention that in spite of the effectiveness of the educational paradigm in society, it is crucial to identify the different forms of discrepancies that might exist in the case of different groups of society. The particular article, “I just wanna be Average,” by Mike Rose, can be considered an effective example that explains the different existing features associated with the concept of education in society. He explains the phenomenon of education as a mixed blessing, which comes up with many considerations. The author describes the particular feature of vocational education: “I and the others in the vocational classes were bobbling in pretty shallow water. Vocational education has aimed at increasing the economic opportunities of students who do not do well in our school.”(Rose 2). Rose deeply addresses the concept of schooling and education as it identifies the good and the bad teachers.

It is crucial to understand every feature related to the existing paradigm of the public school system in the country. It comes up with many considerations. The prospect of education can only be achieved with the consideration of the dimension of equality in society. It seems immensely necessary to compare the different existing realities of the educational system in society to make necessary inferences about the importance of the education system in students’ lives. The particular article, “Against School: How public education cripples our kids and Why” by John Taylor Gatto, is a successful example of a literary work which explains the reality associated with the phenomenon of the public education system in the country. The author successfully apprehends the idea and particular perspective associated with the paradigm of the public education system in the country. According to him, schools play the role of laboratories that polish fresh-minded students in a specific form. A particular feature of education ultimately makes students the static consumers of society which have an equal approach towards life and the overall society. The particular element of the public school system in the country is defined by the author’s feature of boredom. This particular feature is discussed as: “They said the work was stupid, that it made no sense, which they already knew it.” (Gatto, 1). Gatto successfully differentiates both the angles associated with the concept of education. The prospect of education and school can sometimes be considered the same as both never provide the same outcomes.

To conclude, it is necessary to mention that education cannot be considered as the form of a great equalizer if it comes to a segregated society and never provides the educational services that are the basic requirements. The ultimate goal of public education can only be achieved if every student has an equal chance to excel in society by considering the equal form of social and economic opportunities. Schools play a crucial role in determining students’ success as effective individuals in society.

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