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Ovarian Cancer symptoms and therapies

Ovarian cancer occurs when a DNA cell starts working abnormally, hence creating cells that grow abnormally uncontrollably. Ovarian cancer can affect one or both of the ovaries. The uncontrollable cells can form some tumors and leave them untreated, thereby spreading them to other body parts. Although it can be scanned and detected at an early age, the victim experiences strict medication in case diagnosed with the disease (parenthood, 2018).

When detected, there is an option to remove the ovary to prevent the spread of the disease when detected at an early age. The treatment includes radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery whereby the outcomes depend on the disease extent. For patients ailing, Ovarian cancer is about five years in the United States, but when it comes to developing countries, it may be worse (prevention, 2018).

Ovarian cancer is found in the ovary. It results in an abnormality of cells that have to spread or even invade other body parts. During the beginning process, no or only unclear signs. Indeed, the signs are noticed when cancer develops. The symptoms of this cancer include pelvic pain, appetite loss, bloating, and abdominal swelling, among others. The common areas that cancer spreads to are the lungs, lymph nodes, liver, and abdomen (Mnovarian, 2018).

The ovarian cancer risks spread among women who have excess ovulation in their lifespan. Including those who began their ovulation when young, those who have never had babies, and those whose menopause comes at late ages. The other major factor that causes ovulation cancer includes obesity, fertility medication, and hormone therapy after menopause. 10% of ovarian cancer cases are said to be inherited generic risk, whereby these women with BRACA1 Or BRACA12 are 50% likely to develop ovarian cancer disease.

Ovarian cancer is decreased by tubal ligation, breastfeeding, and hormonal birth control. In general, early detection and treatment play a big role. For those who have inherited the gene mutation, their ovaries are mostly removed to avoid the spread of the disease. Although ovary removal risks one’s life by reducing the number of eggs, In the other case, the birth control pills, which contain estrogen hormones and progestin, lower the ovarian cancer risk. Taking pills for a long enables patients to reduce ovarian cancer development.

Considering Jake’s perspective, cancer is a disease that needs a lot of attention. Hence, cancer can be minimized by taking all the necessary measures, such as diet and healthy living. Healthy living and regular health checkups, among other observable actions, help to fight cancer. Detecting cancer at an early age is the best way to cure it. Prevention n measures are also encouraged by maintaining proper health standards hence fighting cancer. By revisiting the human diet stemming from the existing generation, nutritionists can deliver a report to assist the public with a sensible diet that might be trusted to make a good living free from cancer (NIH, 2018). Health practitioners also should utilize there are even burning the midnight oil to come up with a valid solution regarding that cancer control. Therefore I believe that within time, there will be a systematic cure procedure designed for cancer disease whether at the early or late stage.


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