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Olympia 1863 verses Lucille Rhodes 1976 Paintings Analysis

The both artists I these two paintings have used principle of nude women in their work of art to particularly to portray number of factors such as intimation, personalize and even casualness. Both of these two works has some truth portrayed just through the principle of using sculpture of the nude woman. These two artistic works have been established to show an ultimate subjective type of the message to the land of existence. It is just the fact that through this it was just a form of nude acceptance in the context by the artist by the centuries for the sufficient exploit of the minded way. The nudeness and the women just naked is portrait of low mind context in just two arts of work.

Olympia paintings are more portraying the evidence of the low sensuality of the woman hood as compared to Lucille Rhodes work of art. Olympia work shows clearly the recycling nude woman who is just on the bed in portrait of just a black ribbon jut on the neck and the form of the gold type of bracelet over her wrist. This work of art portrays the surrounding of the nude woman to have accompanied by the servant, flowers of classy. This shows the revolution of the modern world and the fore shadow of the prostitution settings.

The nude women in the painting have great hidden information which is passed across by the artists. In Olympia art, the artist presents the naked woman as adorable as possible. This is proved by the way the woman is wearing gold bracelets and surrounded by the classy flowers and the cats for the representation of the nude context. This portrays the refusal of the idealization in women which reflects the undeniable well being as much it as it can. In this way the undermining of the academic art is displayed over the lighting skin which showing the modern France. The nude woman in the second art work Lucille Rhodes just portrays the same nudeness but the different comes in the fact there is no composition of the complexities on the lying naked woman. This portrays the foundation which is underlined for the type of the New York chronically and subjectivism.

The artists have included the beds for the purpose of lying of the women which represents the static way of the setting. Through the representation of the beds in the two paintings it is the fact that the woman representation just surrounds over the same realization idea and no more nether a shift. In Olympia art, the artist is including a lot of the woman supports objectively by use of the cat and the classy flowers for the nudeness support. This just portrays the modem cage of the understanding of the modern light skin and how they will be in display over their respective settings. Rhodes paints shows characters that will Neel over demonstration of the real draughtsman ship. In this part art, there is exposure of the clothes, gesture which is shown by the nude woman personalities and the expression marks the perceptively the resources in the land of Beckmann.

In my opinion do agree that the nudeness of the women is not just the naked that the artists were trying to put across but there was just that great message they wanted to put across. in my perspective I just agree that although the women were naked, they did have the same setting, I mean this just as in Olympia work of art, the nude naked woman was just accompanied elements to support her level of nakedness such cat, and classy flowers this was a representation of the way the woman is presented in the modern world just a sex model. The fact that the woman is just considered under different perspective it’s not just all the same over all the parts of the world as just different seen in terms of the complexities over the two artistic works. In my point of view it is not that the woman is so comfortable the fact that she is used as just a model and satisfied of the manhood but it just due to circumstances that he is passing across for the survival way.

I can see the long scare which is in the abdomen part of the woman in the Olympia art. The artist included this show the maltreatment of the woman sexually. This scar represented the challenges and maltreatment of the woman that passes through in the name of the prostitute living kind of the life. The scar just shows the lowness and how the woman just have put it under pain in modern life for the purpose of just accepting all what it comes over her body for the living mechanism. The scar in real life situation represents just a mechanical assault of the body. In context I the arts uses it to show us how much pain the woman pass in the modern world for the living. It’s just part of the challenges that they are passing over different geographical parts of the world just to have what they can put in their abdomen.




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