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Marketing might look complicated and a cumbersome in some ways. This is because, during the process of marketing any product, one is in the process of winning the ‘want’ of the customer. Therefore it means that there are factors which might affect the willingness of the customer when purchasing any product. Consequently, there have been debates on the application of marketing. Some have been claiming that performance of the product is the be-all and end-all. On the other hand, there is a belief that the look, feel and design elements of a product can create effects on its performance. Therefore on my point of view the designing elements, touch and look of a product can produce results on the way it is performing on the market. Consequently, the paper below is an illustration how feel, look and other design of a product can create an impact on its performance in the market.

The above policy of marketing of change of look, feel or can be illustrated in the case of water bottles. In the market for fancy water bottles, one can notice that different containers have different looks and different textures; some with holders while others lack. This may be it is what determines the top buyers among the customers of these bottles. This is according to research whereby, pink water bottles are standard among women while those with holders are common among children. Therefore it means that the gender variation of the market combined with the use product appearance, in this case, will affect the marketing of the product.

Therefore, it means that the appearance of the product or the make can affect who will be the buyer of the product. Like for example if one, in our case delivers dull-colored water bottles in the area which is occupied with female gender, therefore he/she might lose sale while another marketer takes bottles with holders to a place filled by children he/she will make purchases.


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