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Karnack Temple Dates From Around 2055 BC To Around 100 AD


Karnak or Ipet-isu is famous among ancient Egyptians as the “most select of places.” It was a two-thousand-year-old city of temples that was entirely specified to the triad of Theban, which included Khonsu, Mut, and Amun. The ruins of Karnak still have the potential to undermine several wonders of the present world that affirm that it would be amazing in its times. It is the most sacred architecture ever made throughout Egypt and was a pivot of illiterate people as a setting of deities. The city is situated on 200 acres, while Amun’s enclosure covers about 61 acres. The massive temple, which is located in the center of the city, features a 54,000 square feet hall, which is widely known as Hypostyle Hall. Theban Triad’s barges once drifted on a lake throughout the occasion of the Opet festival, which was to be held on a yearly basis.

Sankore And Its University

Sankore is the most ancient university on the planet. It was created in the fifteenth century in Timbuktu, Mali, as a modern of Sorbonne and Oxford. Sankore’s name was chosen to depict the utter desire of Africans to comply with the contemporary resources utilized to transmit education and maintain the continuity of African culture. Sankore was famous as an excellent pivot of educational and cultural areas throughout the fourteenth to eighteenth centuries. Sankore is made from “san,” which means noble, and “kernel,” which means neighborhood. Evidently, the title san was granted to sage people as well as doctors in the premises of Timbuktu and throughout the neighborhood of Sankore mosque.


Dejenne is a town-based community located in the inland Niger Delta, which is located in the heart of Mali. It is the organizational center that administers the Dejenne Cercle. The commune of Dejenne comprised ten neighborhood villages, and according to 2009 stats, it had a populace of 32,944. The history of this town is substantially interconnected with Timbuktu. It features a unique home architecture structure and is famous for the building of the Great Mosque, which was created in 1907. Djenne-Djenno is located in the south and is an ancient town in sub-Saharan Africa. Both towns were elected in 1988 by World Heritage, UNESCO.


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