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Jon Katz’s article “How Boys become Men”

The most significant moment for any boy is when he enters the phase of maturity and becomes a man. It is the most important point to analyze when a boy crosses his border from naivety to becoming a man. American society has attached specific traditional standards for the stereotypical roles of a boy and a man. The expected attitudes and behavioral patterns of a boy are different from the expectations of a mature man. Society expects a boy to become a man and be self-sufficient, independent, strong, and ruthless. This essay tends to analyze the causes and stereotypical expectations for a boy to become a mature man.

There are several reasons and circumstantial moments which provoke the maturation of a boy to become a man. Two main institutions that play a major role in a boy’s maturity are home and school. These ultimate moments can be caused by the male figures (father and/or brother) of the family at home. A boy always looks up to his father or brothers to learn from them. The role and behavioral patterns of the father inspire a young boy to follow his path. The boys are never pampered and babied as girls are. This makes the boys step into being a man at an early age. In schools, class fellows and teachers play a major role in molding the mindset of boys according to the expected standards of society. If a boy experiences pain or suffers from any wound, he is expected to endeavor the pain rather than to express it. If a boy expresses pain or cries, he is always scolded by teachers, friends, and family members. Girls are socialized in a way to like such boys who express masculine qualities, insolence, and are sturdy. Therefore, boys mature and become men at an early age because of these reasons.



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