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Jeopardy, Consciousness, And Multiple Discrimination: Intersecting Inequalities In Contemporary Western Europe By Catherine E. Harnois

The article, “Jeopardy, Consciousness, and Multiple Discrimination: Intersecting Inequalities in Contemporary Western Europe”, by Catherine E. Harnois, clearly applies the cliché “There are two sides to the same coin” here. There are different aspects in which anything can be viewed, and the author has successfully explained this in the articles. When people in a society face multiple challenges, they develop multiple consciousnesses. Thus, they have a knowledge of multiple systems of inequality that are being developed in society for themselves by acknowledging the multiple forms of discrimination. This paper will critically analyze the concept of multiple consciousnesses in terms of multiple jeopardy as analyzed by Catherine E. Harnois in the article, Jeopardy, Consciousness, and Multiple Discrimination: Intersecting Inequalities in Contemporary Western Europe.

There are different challenges associated with multiple consciousnesses, and these have been rightly addressed by Catherine E. Harnois.  These challenges are faced by a broader range of minority groups that are present inside and outside the United States. All these people have different perspectives and feelings related to this multiple jeopardy. A person is feeling discrimination on different grounds and has full knowledge of intersecting systems of inequality. Different social contexts can empathize with the existence of these kinds of inequalities in Western society. In society, there is discrimination because of considerations based on race, gender, class, and sexuality. While analyzing the inequalities, the author concludes that these are a result of having more than one social status. This research is effectively describing the feelings of minorities as a result of discrimination.


Harnois, C. E. (2015, December). Jeopardy, consciousness, and multiple discrimination: Intersecting inequalities in contemporary Western Europe. In Sociological Forum (Vol. 30, No. 4, pp. 971-994).



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