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How to Say Nothing in 500 Words by Robert Analysis

This paper seeks to describe the use of specific language as a descriptive writing pattern and apply the technique in Robert’s article, “How to Say Nothing in Five Hundred Words”. In his article, Roberts gives tips to students on how to improve their writing and get the attention of their readers. Giving specific details and as well avoiding the use of predictable or rather, obvious content improves writing effectiveness, as it seems more involving. Clarity in writing is crucial to ensure the writer’s communication is effective and projects the intended message to the audience.

One of the most effective writing patterns from Robert’s article is using of explicit language by circumventing the use of ambiguous words, and this makes the essay effective, impressive and enticing. Using informal and “catch-all” words makes you leave the important information which you intend to pass. Readers do not have time for the catchy words you would intend, but they are interested in the message you want to pass. It is, therefore important to ensure that you portray your message in a more presentable manner.

Robert tries to use specific language and avoid vague words in his article. This is clear in the whole article, he brings his message by directly going for the main point he is trying to pass. This is illustrated by his phrase, “Call a fool a fool” he meant that no need to add words to your article to meet the word count as the students always do. I am planning to use Robert’s descriptive pattern of avoiding using useless words in my essay. This is to ensure that may message reaches the intended readers and avoid wasting their time by adding meaningless words to my essay.

In summary, Paul Robert is trying to style up his students on essay writing by making them come up with a well-compromised essay. He tells them that as a writer, it is important that before starting to write, find the angle, approach and argument that will make the reader enthused in the of going through your essay.



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