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Florida Constitution Revision Commission


The main purpose of Florida constitution revision commission is to identify issues and performing research to recommend possible changes to the Florida constitution. In this process, they identify issues that are most important to the public and considers proposed amendments from the public. The proposals were given by the commission, if approved by the voters, would become permanent fixtures in the constitution.

Why was this commission created

Florida constitution revision commission was created to enable Florida people to monitor what is going on in their constitution. The commission comprises of 37 commissioners who have the main purpose of examining applicability and relevance of Florida’s constitution for current and future needs (D’Alemberte, 2017). The commission convenes every two decades in a yearlong process to offer voters a small list of amendments to Florida’s primary governing documents (

Importance of Constitutional Reform

It is the process of restructuring the constitution and laws it governs through negotiation and public considerations. It is one of the effective method adopted by the governments to fix the past failures. It is one of the key tools to promote good governance by altering the rules to encourage transparency, participation, predictability, and accountability. The constitution is the basic foundation of the country’s governance system. The constitution demands where power lies within the state and how institutions of the particular government are intended to operate (William, 2016). Nowadays electing the members of the constitutional convention by the public hearing, referendum, survey research increasingly makes the people part of the process. Thailand’s 1997 constitutional reforms give us a clear picture of how constitutional designers tried to address lack of governess through institutional means.

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