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Eve’s Bayou Story Analysis

“Memory is a determination of pictures, some subtle; others printed permanently on the cerebrum. The late spring I murdered my dad, I was ten years of age.” With those opening words, “Eve’s Bayou” curls once more into the past, into the recollections of a youngster who experienced childhood in a family both talented and imperfect, and endeavored to locate her specific manner to reality.

The words clarify the film’s technique. This won’t be a stupid story that enthusiastically races from A to B. It is a choice of recollections, separated through the eyes of a young lady who doesn’t comprehend all that she sees—and sifted, as well, through the eyes of her more established sister and through the eyes of an auntie who can predict everybody’s future aside from her own. This film is hard to watch.

Directed and composed by Kasi Lemmons, the film Eve’s Bayou weaves a beautiful story of white-collar class Black life through her introduction of the Batiste family. Lemmons has strongly acquainted us with a world in which enchantment is clear, and characters are profoundly created. Set in the intensely multicultural and authentic area of Louisiana, Eve’s Bayou not only shows the mixing of the French and African societies but likewise demonstrates the recently discovered issues that welcome the individuals from the Batiste family as a major aspect of the thriving Black, white-collar class. Not at all like different movies with the “reprobates” and the “great folks,” Eve’s Bayou, as I would see it, was unmistakable for its absence of scoundrels or individuals who were constantly great. Rather, the characters of Eve’s Bayou, like Eve, Mozelle, and Louis Batiste, were the individuals who surrendered to weights, keeping in mind the end goal to keep up their rational soundness and at last receive the rewards and hindrances of their activity, infrequently to the detriment of others. Through her emotional depiction of the characters of Louis, Eve, and Mozelle Batiste, Lemmons shows the complexities of dark life and presents a defective human instinct that all people must respond to.



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