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Evaluating the Reasoning of a Philosophical Text

David Hume considers the specific approach of animal reasoning to provide the evidence about the human’s approach concerning to the inquiry. This particular aspect comes up with many considerations. The overall perspective of the text provided by the author indicates that sometimes come up with the vague form of approach to present the idea of the reasoning on animals. On a broader perspective, he proposes the idea that animals have the more specialized feature of cognitive indications as compare to humans but on the other, he also points out some types of reasoning which lacking in case of animals. Ambiguous interpretation of the idea of the philosopher affects the accuracy of the reasoning.

The feature of precision is effectively present in the argument presented by Hume as he addresses the idea of reasoning for a human with the consideration of the animals’ approach in the form of the thinking process. Hume provides different examples for establishing his argument successfully. The aspect of relevance significantly exists in case of Hume approach to define the approach of reasoning in case of humans. He considers the analogies to differentiate the aspect of reasoning between humans and animals. He considers the approach of experience to define the form of reasoning and logic in case of human’s approach. It is notable to mention that the feature of depth in the text sometimes come up with the unnecessary form of complexities. He introduces the complex idea of learning through experience in case of humans by comparing this element to the approach of animals.

There are some crucial features which are considered by the author in case of providing the comparison of learning for the humans and the animals. He indicates that experience is the prospect which enhances the approach to learning for humans and the animals. He only talks about the basis of analogies and neglects the approach of inquiry as it is difficult to make inferences about the thinking process in case of animals. The paradigm of logic is somewhat missing in case of the Hume’s argument as he never considers all the prospects associated with the approach of reasoning and evidence.



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