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Europeans Had School Shootings, Too. Then They Did Something About It (Article Review)

The article talks about the fact that how the problem of mass shootings at the school level was controlled in Europe.  The claim that is being made by the author is that how Europe has been able to control the problem while the same issue is being faced in the United States again and again.  The position that is taken by the writer is as follows.:

“In Europe, there hasn’t been a major high-casualty gun attack on campus in almost a decade.

The piece respects the audience and does not provide any racial commentary on the issue, and the arguments set forth are compelling.  A good numerical perspective is provided regarding some of the solutions which one gets to see in European countries with regard to control and mass shootings.  In the wake of the recent Florida shootings, mass shootings have become a matter of huge concern, and the whole piece that puts it together is compelling and engaging.  Pathos is established in the reading when the author claims.  The author’s rationale is that how Europe has controlled these incidents needs to be done at the level of the United States so that a degree of control can be brought to the whole equation.  The author has shown that the statistics validate the points as well as keep in mind the cultural and ethnic considerations of how things work in the United States. The other thing that is done well is that it does not take about the elimination of arms. Instead of mental health and psychological conditions are also discussed, which is the most important thing regarding the way this whole issue can be sorted out.  It would also go a long way in ensuring that the discussion and debate are initiated at some level in society.

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