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How often are the reports disseminated

It is important that the results of the surveillance should be dissipated in a timely fashion. Surveillance results would be effective if they reflect the current trend of HIV prevalence in a specific population. It can only be achieved if results will be disseminated in a timely fashion I.e. after completing

To whom the reports are distributed

Results of the HIV sentinel surveillance among different groups need to be disseminated to all organizations and persons implicated in the response to the control effects of HIV and HIV epidemic especially those people or organizations that are responsible for decision making. Possible target audiences to whom results will be dissipated include the officials of public health at the district, regional and national levels, policymakers, civil society, national and international partners, PLHIV community government officials, advocacy groups, media, and the general public. It is also necessary that results should be dissipated to individuals who contribute towards the collection and recording of the surveillance data in order to encourage their commitment and engagement.

How will be reports distributed

Products and channels of dissemination that will be tailored to the target individuals and groups would be effective in fulfilling the goals and objectives of the dissemination. Different products that will be delivered to the audience include surveillance reports, briefings, press releases, and slide sets. Different options will be used to disseminate results that include formal meetings, press conferences and workshops.

It is believed that different audiences have different needs, expectations, and knowledge related to the understanding of surveillance results. Therefore, it is important that products and channels of dissemination need to be tailored according to the expertise and needs of the audience. For instance, a public health official who has technical expertise requires an in-depth analysis of data that can be used for planning and evaluation. Therefore, a full report on HIV surveillance will be delivered to them in a workshop.

Policy-makers and government officials have limited technical expertise. Government officials are one of the major decision-makers and need personal involvement. Slide sets and briefings on important results related to HIV surveillance delivered in formal meetings can be appropriate for them.

PLHIV community and civil society organizations have moderate expertise and need limited data. However, they have significant expectations in relation to personal involvement. Slide sets, facts sheets, and surveillance reports given in meetings can help this audience to understand trends and the prevalence of HIV.



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