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Consultant Plan Final Proposal

Executive Summary

Regarding its current performance, the DCC firm executive team feels that it’s not delivering as expected and there is the need for improvements. Hence it has to strategize ways to improve its services delivery. It has to ensure that its customers are satisfied by its consultant services by employing the best knowledgeable and experienced core staff.

Consultant Plan Final Proposal


The primary goal of an active organization is to ensure that its consumers are satisfied with how they are served. The DC Consulting (DCC) is no exceptional and it similarly prioritizes the interests of its clients. It is aimed at providing various businesses in different stages with the best and quality consultant services by linking them with the best knowledgeable and experienced consulting personnel. However, the executive leadership has an issue with the current core staff because it feels that it is not comprised of the right personnel to provide professionalism and create functional teams to enhance performance of the company in service-delivery to its clients. Hence, the company is aimed at creating a consulting agency with the required capability and capacity to provide its clients with wide-range of services including training, classification of customers’ needs and follow-up strategies. By doing this, DCC anticipates to have a more competitive advantage over their rivals due to the enhanced quality of its services-delivery. Equipped with the right core staff the core staff the company will ensure accuracy, timelines and relevancy with the interests of the clients as priorities and this will enhance the organization’s growth and profitability.

Purpose Statement

DC consulting company is aimed at providing their clients with services that are significantly above their expectations. It is aimed ensuring that both its loyal and new customers are satisfied with its consultant services delivery and ensure that they significantly benefit from the company’s involvement in their businesses.

Mission Statement  

The DCC firm has several goals and objectives including (Pershing, 2006);

  • Enabling businesses to enhance their performance and productivity
  • Facilitating sustainability of businesses’ long-term goals and objectives
  • Being a reliable partner to all businesses regardless of size or class
  • Acquiring sufficient loyal customers to enhance its growth and profitability.
  • Enhancing the quality of its services in the market to develop consistent competitive advantages.


The DCC Company is prepared to utilize several strategies in achieving its purpose and mission statements (Schuler, et al. 2008). The strategies include

  • Application of the appropriate variables and utilization of the relevant resources to ensure the quality of its services is amplified.
  • Identification of the best ways to enhance the skills and abilities of the employees like seminars, workshops and offering adequate training to them regarding their specific functioning fields.
  • Equipping its core staff with the right resources to ensure they provide the best to their customers.


The organization anticipates using the skills of its core staff to reach and lure their clients (Schuler, et al. 2008). By giving the customers quality consultant services through utilization of experienced and knowledgeable personnel, the company will have marketed itself by acquiring loyal clients and attracting others.


The executive leadership team at the DC consulting firm intends to use the available personnel within the company to achieve its goals and objectives. The current employees working in the company will be provided with the appropriate resources and training to aid it in providing quality consulting services to customers intended to track and enhance productivity. Also, the employees are the targeted links between the business and its clients.

Products and Services

The DCC is subjected to providing its clients with business ideas and consultation programs including writing business and marketing plans for them that will enable them to enhance their performance in the market. Also, it is objected to giving links regarding how their customers can augment the production in their businesses by applying specific important strategies such as improving their competitive advantages.

Demographic served

Hence, the demographics served are the customers since the quality of the services provided to them will be improved. Also, the DCC will benefit since the enhanced production will attract more clients; thus, there will be an increase in the profits acquired.

Action Plan

The action plan to be utilized by the organization will be as follows.

  1. Training the employees and equipping them with the best resources available
  2. Application of the appropriate strategies to prepare the employees for the improvement of services delivery
  3. Evaluation of the best procedures to follow to create sustainable customers-company relationship.
  4. Acquiring and maintaining of new and loyal clients respectively.

The Evaluation Process

The progress of the changes within DCC will be evaluated using certain procedures such as conducting regular surveys on the core staff to determine whether they are delivering as expected. Also, conducting interviews with customers will help in establishing whether they are satisfied.

Intervention Summary

The DCC Company will need the intervention of several variables to achieve its anticipated goals and objectives. First, the executive leadership team must be involved to guide the others concerned with the improvement of the quality of consultant services delivery. They have to provide the relevant guidelines and procedures to be efficiently followed for the goal to be achieved. Second, the intervention of the best employees with the right skills is required to make sure that the services are provided according to the intended expectations. Finally, other stakeholders including the consumers’ intervention is essential to enable the organization in evaluating the company’s personnel effectiveness and relevancy since they provide the platform where the company tracks its progressive trends.


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