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At the end of World War II, what led to the development of outlaw motorcycle clubs

The particular prospect of outlaw motorcycle clubs originally initiated after World War II. It happened with the specific feature of returning of troupers in riding motorcycles. They further associated with the group of individuals referring to the facet of motorcycle clubs. This particular term was introduced by the individual of Riverside County to create the significant difference from the bikers belongs to southern California. The particular feature of motorcycle club was started which play a major role in the overall formation of the subculture.

In what ways do the structures of OMC and the American Mafia differ?

When it comes to the structures of OMC and the American Mafia, both the facets adopted the strict form of hierarchy. There is the prospect of the particular elections which are conducted for the nomination of the new officer. OMC adopt the democratic feature in which each member has one vote to cast. The particular facet of the American mafia is different from OMC because it is considering all the members as the part of the one family which are actively connected with each other.

What is the availability heuristic? How might it account for our perception of violence?

The feature of availability heuristic come up with the alignment of the different strategies which are used to formulate the quick form of decisions. It can be characterized as the mental shortcut which provides assistance to the individuals to make rapid decisions. Sometimes it might have the negative implications on the mind referring to the particular perceptions about the facet of violence. If one continuously going through with the facet of violence than it becomes easy to make wrong assessments on the basis of quick concepts.

Review research finding on juvenile murderers.

Juvenile murderers are the one critical form when it comes to the feature of crime. It involves the prospect of children who involve in the crime of killing others (Loeber and Farrington). The overall development of the brain is considered as the necessary indicators when addressing the particular criminal attitude in case of the juvenile.

What are the psychological effects of child maltreatment and other domestic violence on children?

It is crucial to understand that violence is the one adverse form which affects the overall development of the children for the rest of the life. Any form of maltreatment in case of children ultimately becoming the part of their memories which negatively affects their attitude towards other people in their lives.

Work Cited

Loeber, Rolf, and David P. Farrington. Young Homicide Offenders and Victims: Risk Factors, Prediction, and Prevention from Childhood. Springer, 2011.





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