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Are the People Trapped in the Basement Rescued?

The story “An Amazing Thing” is written by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni who targeted a situation that occurred in a visa office. The story was based on a situation that nine people were stuck in a visa office of an Indian Consulate. The situation also includes the fact that it was the time when an earthquake occurred and hit one city of the United States of America. Among the nine people the two people were the visa officers, one person was a Chinese Indian woman Jiang, one person was the granddaughter of the Chinese lady Lily, one person was an ex-soldier named Cameron, one person was an American Indian girl named Uma, a white couple, and Tariq who was a Muslim man.

They all stuck in the place and tried hard to find a way out but were unable to find a way and started to think that they have to wait for help. There was nothing left that they can do except to sit and wait for help. They cooperate with each other and share their food with each other so that they all could survive long in the situation. There was nothing they could do so started to share their life stories with each other based on the pattern of “one amazing thing” in their life. They started telling the amazing factors of their lives and reveal they’re good memories with each other. Their stories were based on lessons that taught great things about life. The author did not mention that they all came out from the situation alive but the narrative is showing that they all were successful to come out from that situation. The main purpose of the story was to share the life experiences of diversified people with the audience.



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