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a brief history of the surname McCray

The name McCray has a long history as a surname and originates from Scotland. According to the House of Names (2018), the surname is associated with the Kintail region; however, the name traces back to the northern part between Scotland and the Western Isles. The notable surname has various spellings, such as Maccraw, Maccrea, Maccree, and Maccrie, among others. In essence, the surname McCray has a long history, which is notable and encompasses famous personalities across time. Thus, the essay examines the surname, its origin, some of the notable personalities, and its current existence.

According to Scott (2018), the surname McCray is among the most notable Scottish names in the United States of America. The popularity of the surname implies family ties; however, not all McCray’s are related. Despite the popularity of the name, there is a possibility that people with the surname may share an ancestry. According to the Surname Database (2018) website, the McCray surname has a great history, with the first instance of legal documentation tracing back to the 13th century when the government required documentation. In essence, the name has come a long way since it was first established as a surname. Moreover, the name has evolved into a different spelling; however, it is traced back to Scotland.

It is notable that the surname McCray has a long ancestral lineage and varying spellings across time and country. It includes various famous names such as Warren T. McCray a former governor of Indiana and Bruce McCray an American football player. The long history of the name and its notability are indicative of the larger population of immigrants into the United States. The Scottish origin of the name is essential in tracing its roots and ancestry. In essence, the surname as global linkage and a long history of famous and unknown personalities.


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