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Zouche-Nuttal Codex

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Zouche-Nuttal Codex is an accordion codex of the Mixtec region; it depicts the history and genealogy of Eight Deer Jaguar Claw, the ruler of the Mixtec region. The document also holds the record of his marriages and military accomplishments. In the codex, he is positioned at the top centre of the calendar next to his calendric identity, which is the head of a deer and eight circles. The codex begins from the “Year of the Six Flint on the day of Seven Eagle” at the Temple of Tilantongo (Located in Mixtec Alta, which is modern-day Oaxaca), when Eight Deer’s father, who is Six Crocodile, weds Princess Nine Eagle (whom Six Crocodile would leave in the future). Later in the “Year of Seven House”, 12 Motion is born who is the half-brother of Eight Deer. After the birth of 12 Motion, Six Crocodiles and Princess Nine Eagle had two more children named; Three Water and Three Lizard, both of whom were not gods. Then in the “Year of 10 House on the Day of 6 Deer”, Six Crocodile marries another princess who is 12 Motion. She gives birth in the “Year of 12 Reed” to their son, Eight Deer, who is a god. 12 Motion gives birth to his sisters; Nine Flower, born in 3 Reed, and Nine Monkey, born in 13 Flint. Unlike Eight Deer; both of them are not gods.

Eight Deer sets his eyes on the land that he wants to acquire, so in the “Year of 10 Reed on the Day of 12 Serpent”, he gets it by marrying 13 Serpent. Together they have two children named; Four Crocodile and Four Rabbit. The codex records his other marriages and legacies, one of which is his unification of three Mixtec kingdoms into one.



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