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Zika Virus and Lyme Disease

Zika Virus Lyme Disease Influenza which is also Pertussis(whooping cough)
Restricted to human Yes Certainly Absolutely
Limited persistence in the environment Yes .it is resolved in a matter of days or weeks. No. To a point, it requires professional medical doctors to cure it. Yes because it is easily preventable and cured.
Absence of long-term carrier state Yes Yes but may occur regularly in people with weak immune systems Yes
Long-term immunity results from affection No Yes. needs more medical attention No
Vaccination confers long-term immunity Absolutely absolutely but not 100% possible for the people who have weak immune yes
Herd immunity prevents the perpetuation of an epidemic Certainly Yes Yes
Easily diagnosed disease? Certainly Moderate Absolutely
Vaccination effective post-exposure Possible Not really, it needs more medical attention Very possible

The disease that looks like it can be eradicated fast with less impact is whooping cough. The disease can be prevented just by the use of a vaccine. Since it has a limited existence of about days or some weeks, it can hardly weaken the immune system of an individual. After the disease gets into an individual, the vaccine can cure it quickly. The only problem is that it spreads quickly, but the merit of it is that it can also be stopped promptly.

In conclusion, the three diseases are limited to only man but spread by animals (insects). Individuals having the three conditions can undergo treatment, but some need more medical attention from professionals. Eradication is possible in the three states, but the simplest of them all is the Influenza because it can go through prevention by a vaccine hence faster and more efficient. Would recommend prevention of the diseases instead of cure.


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