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Yesware case study


The determination of this work is to identify and explain the core problem associated with the Yesware case, listing the objectives of the company based on the information therein; and giving the best possible outcomes of the situation.

Statement of the Problem

Yesware is a sales productivity platform which was developed to boost sales productivity and help salespeople make more money. The core problem herein was the input of data. The process of copying data into the Customer Relationship Management systems was tiresome and in most cases not well done. Yesware was then created to help salespeople with everyday sales tasks and to obtain the relevant data to report.

In the year 2012, the company integrated with Salesforce, which enabled users to create new contacts, develop their tasks, and view reports within the organization and Salesforce. Through this, the company got the award for top sales productivity at the Top Sales and Marketing Awards.

Goals and Objectives of the Company

The primary purpose for developing the Company was to boost the productivity of salespeople. The Yesware Company is focused on optimizing technology to meet and satisfy the objectives of the users, the most prominent users being those people who tend to send and receive more than a hundred e-mails in a single day. Users who want their computer devices to take in on more data entry and more automation so that the users can put more focus on building relationships.

Initially, the Company’s target market was business to business salespeople. For these users, a productivity tool that helps them reach their sales goals is precious. Sales managers who practice the use of Yesware in their organizations experiences activity-based reports which exhibit a new match of accomplishment not having much confidence on a supplementary entry of information; as it has characteristics that allow sales managers to share the useful information with the team.

Outcomes for the Case

The best possible result about this case would be for Mr. Bellows to hire a vice president of sales who would mentor and coach the team; do all the supervision while he, Mr. Bellows remain to be the chief executive. Through this, together with the vice president, they can identify who to keep and what role they should have and what to coach them on.




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