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Prologue: Only by listening to your reason you can achieve your passions. A balance must be achieved between your reason and your passion.

  • The shirt was bought from Florida, it was born in West Texas, which is the cotton capital of the universe. It produces short-staple cotton that makes into inexpensive clothing but in terms of global marketing more people wear these shirts. The cotton exported to China where it is made into a T-shirt. Cotton is produced in West Texas and the other phase of production of T-shirts is completed in China. Most of America’s clothes are imported from China. Only 2 percent are produced in America, most of the military clothing.
  • It is not that simple a process but in order to travel an apparel from country to country, it has to follow some trade rules.
  • The studies are about the understanding of those rules that govern this trading system of in apparel.
  • When an apparel moves abroad it becomes cheaper and cheaper. When the price falls we buy more of it. America…China…..Africa (Used cloths).
  • There is the global industry in cotton, in textiles and apparel and in used clothes. In other words three global industries in three continents.
  • This picture of globalization is an exploitation of the labor in China due to the cheap labor they get there…..and the waste of energy and destruction of the environment when the ships filled with t-shirts travel to and fro. In 1990 half of the clothes were made in America when they started making it in China people lost their jobs.
  • People have missed views regarding this picture of globalization, some think it a happy one another a picture of cruelty. It destroys environment plus exploits people in a sugar-coated way of providing jobs in other parts of the country.
  • According to Augustine Trade or globalization is bad but according to Libanius its good. They use god as an authority to justify their position.
  • This debate of globalization is ancient and current at the same time.
  • Ethical issues are involved in this trading system that are connected economy and political powers.
  • Labor is not an issue….technology has been advanced for the growth of cotton forms. America is the biggest producer of cotton in the world. Political power and business skills are required to attain this position.
  • Now American are moving to more poor countries around the globe to produce cheaper clothes for American to make more money.



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