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Why Yoga Pants Are Bad For Women

The article on why yoga pants are bad for women by Hones Jones ( ) which was published on February 17, 2018, seems quite controversial considering that it is touching on a hot-button issue which always centers on how women should address especially in the public places for example in the gym. The author seems to criticize women whom he does not ponder over their decision why they wear yoga pants to the gym. The author criticizes women dressing basing on flimsy reasons grounded in the way they exercise and how they dress.

In particular, the author expresses contempt towards women on how they exercise in the gym which appears to him as less rigorous. What a woman wears should be her choice and not for others. Working out should be enjoyable and peaceful, and nobody should be restricted to what she wears while in the gym. It appears that dressing fancy yoga pants can drive many women to the gym, so why would Hones Jones be mad about this?

This article is another piece which tries to vilify women and tries to tell how they should look and what they should wear which is believe is a medieval way of thinking and has no room in the 21st century. According to the gym instructors, it is easy to monitor your clients who wear tight-fitting gears during a training session since the movement of the body and muscles are noticeable. It is evident that the author misses the whole point of wearing stretchy pants for working out.



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