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Why are outlines Important?

An outline is a guide for writing that will help a writer organize the ideas, thesis, and topic in the appropriate order. An outline will highlight all the headings, sub-topics and further details that the writer wants to include in the paper. The Outline is essential because,

It makes sure you are thorough, all the details will be added, and no important details are left out.

It will bring some symmetry to the work this is made possible because all the ideas are well arranged to flow and to have the shape in totality.

A topic outline or a full sentence Outline?

I will choose a full-sentence outline instead of a topic outline.

This is because a topic outline will only highlight the ideas to be discussed in the hierarchy and list all the main topics and sub-topics to be addressed. On the other hand, a full-sentence outline will have the topics to be discussed and the sub-topics. Moreover, it will also have a brief statement of exactly what details are to be discussed.

The two are similar in that they both have the topic well laid out. They both have separated well the main topics and the mini-topics.

The difference between the topic outline and the full sentence outline lies in the details. The topic outline is a lot briefer. The complete sentence outline, on the other hand, has the thesis entirely written out next to the topic.

Is it any better?

The sentence outline seems better than the topic outline. This is because of the simplicity of usage. If a reader looks through a full sentence outline, he will be able to decipher what the literature is talking about other than just assuming. This is important, especially where there might be similar topics with the same title to be discussed, and only a short description will clarify it.


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