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For the past period, our organization has witnessed a bouncing check problem that is associated with the new system that was recently installed in the company. This bouncing check problem has been linked to the deposit transaction made between 1 and 2 p.m. We wish to notify you that this bouncing check problem has affected not only tellers but also the reputation and brand of the company due to various complaints made by the customers. We, as the IT department, wish to apologize for the inconveniences caused by the new system in the execution of your tasks.

Every type of technology is subject to malfunctions due to human interference and internal technical or operation problems (Copeland & McDonald, 2012). With the conduction of both information flow and technology audit, we have identified that the problem of the new system is a result of technical problems and human interference. For example, the failure of the tellers to run the reconciliation procedures correctly can be held as a human interference problem that has led to the bouncing check problem. On the other hand, the failure of the prompt screen for consolidating/merging to appear consistently can be held as a technical problem linked with the new system.

We wish to inform you that the IT department has developed measures to eradicate the bouncing check problem that was caused by the new system. The IT department has opted to enlarge the consolidate/merge icon as well as place the icon in a more prominent area of the new system’s screen. This initiative is essential since it will ensure the visibility of the consolidate/merge icon when the tellers are undertaking their reconciliation procedures. Besides, the IT department has recommended that all tellers follow all the reconciliation procedures in an acceptable manner. For instance, every teller is expected to be running close, register, and consolidate/merge procedures before posting transactions. This initiative is aimed at ensuring consistency and effectiveness of the operation of the new system. The IT department hopes that all the tellers will adhere to the new recommendations to ensure the efficiency and performance of the new system.


Copeland, L. O., & McDonald, M. F. (2012). Principles of seed science and technology. Springer Science & Business Media.



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