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The universe existence. Naturally, for any existing thing, there must be a cause for it. The earth is made into a perfect sphere with several other useful things in the life of a human being and any other living creatures in it. The water bodies that is oceans, rivers and lakes provide water which is a vital component of a human blood, a photosynthetic requirement for plant and also enhances metabolic processes in all the living creatures. Water is odorless, colorless and tasteless. These unique characteristics are surely suited to life. The existence of human being alone is a clear proof that someone we resemble existed. The brain of a human being is capable of amazingly processing large amount of information simultaneously. At the same time, checking the functionality of all the body organs. The functionality of the human brain depicts the superior brain that God had to create the extremely beautiful universe. The beautiful atmosphere of the earth, consisting of the galaxy and the air we breathe did not just existed but was created by someone caring to bring a comfort to human life. The existence of this universe is a better explanation of God’s existence.

The revelation of God through Jesus Christ to human being. Jesus Christ is the most exact picture of God. Biblically, we understand that God exists in three forms. God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit. God the son is Jesus Christ and this is an assurance on God’s existence. Jesus in his teachings claimed to be God and showed God to be loving, gentile, knowing our shortcomings but still wanting a concrete relationship with mankind.

Considering different religions, we find out that Muhammad, Buddha, Confucius and even Moses only identified themselves as prophets but did not claim to be God as Jesus did. Jesus also said “Anyone who have seen me have also seen the Father.” He also said that he was the light of the world, and that he who followed him would not walk in darkness but would have an eternal life. Jesus performed miracles something people could not do. He raised the dead and healed the blind, the crippled and the deaf. God therefore, revealed Himself to us through the scripture words and the personality of Jesus Christ.

Consistency in prayer answearing. Prayer keeps our relationship with God healthy. In the present days though we cannot see and talk to God face to face like Moses did, His presence is revealed to us through answering of our prayers. Jesus offered up prayers and supplications, with loud cries and tears to God and his prayers were heard and answered. This means that when we seek God wholeheartedly in prayers, He is always ready to answer us. When you approach God with consistent prayers about your problems, you will release that your prayers are answered although it may not be an instant answer. This means that there is always someone caring about the mankind.

The laws of nature uniformly operating in the universe. The human understanding about the existence of gravity and why it remains constant is not yet established. Looking that which we can a count for each day, we can say that the universe is orderly and reliable. For instance, the earth revolves on its own axis and it rotates from west to east. The traveling speed of light is also constant. Why all these? Even scientists are surprised by this strangeness and the logic behind it is not known. Richard Feynman once said that the reason as to why nature is mathematical is a misery and the fact there are rules is a kind of miracle. It is very easy for mankind to think of a universe with occurrences changing unpredictably than one with uniform laws of nature. This complexity shows that there existed a deliberate designer who created and sustains life in it.

The laws of logic. The rules of logic comes from God’s supreme nature. They are a true reflection of God’s thinking. Above all, these laws are invariant, immaterial, universal and abstract. These characteristics clearly define God as omnipresent, full of knowledge and unchanging. It therefore means that God’s thinking governs the true statements. The non-contradiction law for instance, is from the fact that God never denies Himself. As Christians, we can account for these laws of logic. They give the rightful reasoning standards since God has power to rule over truth.

From the atheist worldview, the laws of logic does not make sense to them. Accounting for them is therefore impossible. They believe that for any existing thing there must exist a material or a material process that explains it. How then can we have a law without a lawgiver? Why are the laws of logic universal, immaterial and do not change as time changes and how then did human being came to know about them? To have this reasoning possible, it means there must exist a biblical God. The fact is, without God’s existence we could not prove anything. The prior condition for knowledge and reasoning is the existence of God.

The universe and hence the earth had a beginning. Based on scientists understanding, they are convinced that at least the universe came into existence from a very large explosion of energy, the now called Big Bang Theory. According to them, this marked the start of every existing thing. However, they also acknowledge that the existence of the universe was brought about by something else outside it and still cannot find out what this was. The start of the universe therefore, is an evidence that someone greater than the scientist was behind the happenings. Biblically, we understand that God created heaven and earth and everything in it just by using the words of command. The existence of God is better explained by the fact that no one can explain the sudden explosion of light and matter.

God is continually seeking for us. God always calls on us to enjoy his continual sovereignty, beauty and worth. Normally, there is a struggle between a mind that yawns to work for God and a sinful human nature which only love sinning. A sinful man will always feel guilty especially after sinning. The guilt that keeps consuming us is a clear evidence that someone caring and full of love is seeking for us. The beauty is that, when we faithfully call on His name for forgiveness, He is just and willing to forgive. Mankind have an attitude of doing right to others, helping the needy, praying for the sick and sharing their belongings while hoping that someone will reward them after.

The behavioral inconsistency exhibited by the atheist is also another proof. Their behavior does not conform to that which they claim to be believing in. The atheist’s behaviors and understanding informs that God’s desire is to be known. He had an intension when He created us that we would acknowledge and know Him. We are surrounded with his evidence and He maintains the issue of his existence right before us each and every time.



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