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When And How To Use Quantitative Research

The use of a quantitative research approach in clinical research is governed by the need for specific answers to the research question. Quantitative research involves the use of empirical data, which is then analyzed using both statistical and descriptive tests. The ability to choose from a variety of study designs gives the researcher the chance to answer different research questions based on the design used. The statistical tests used must be well selected to enable the researcher to draw the necessary recommendations from the study.

Quantitative research is necessary when handling a large population size. The data obtained from quantitative research gives a statistical evaluation of the research topic, which enables the researcher to draw conclusions from the study. It is also to project the results on other populations with the same study parameters, given the possibilities offered by quantitative methods. The use of larger sample sizes and standardized measures makes quantitative research more ideal for conclusions, unlike qualitative research, which is mostly explorative in nature. Quantitative research is, therefore, essential when the researcher wants a statistically valid conclusion without much interest in the behavioural component of the research subjects (Paradis, 2016).

In conducting quantitative research, the goal of the researcher is to obtain the most valid conclusions on the research topic. Choosing the right statistical tests enables the researcher to achieve this goal. The choice of study design is also dependent on the research question being answered. Matching the right design and statistical tests ensures that the results obtained fit the objectives of the researcher (Babones, 2016).


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