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What were James Kent’s arguments against expanding white male suffrage?

I have imitated the report of the selected group with care and with nervousness. We seem to be ignoring the values of the constitution, in which we have very long and very happily survived, and to be varying certain of its vital organizations. I could but think that the thoughtful men who have deliberated the past of states or are recited in the lessons of knowledge must look with anxiety on our seeming nature to shake from a well-balanced administration to the excesses of the self-governing policies. Such as comprehensive proposal as that limited in this report, at the distance of one decade years past, will have stricken the community’s attention with surprise and fear. So fast has been the career of our shaking.

What were Nathan Sanford’s arguments for expanding white male suffrage?

Nathan Sandford, an agriculturalist, argued for general suffrage, passion attention to the successful universal suffrage had in the several States of America, and the welfare resulting from the urban conferences, where those ruled had a speech in their administration. Conditions for elective optional by Sandford comprised of:

1) That the elector should be a citizen of the state;

2) That an individual accomplishing several services would elect to provide that he sustained to donate this specific facility;

3) That a 6-month placement is obligatory.

Are there still restrictions that should be placed on voting today? What should they be?

The matter of voting privileges in the U.S, explicitly the empowerment and marginalization of several clusters, has been challenged in the history of the United States. There should not be any restrictions placed on the voting system based on gender or the ownership of the property. Every person in society has the right to cast a vote. There should be some restrictions that minimize the influence of politics on the voting system so that they cannot be able to use the voting system for their benefit.



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