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What Proposal Argument Does Carey Make In This Essay?

Argumentative Strategies

Carey’s proposal argument in the essay was to make the Universities virtual with no buildings at all. He started proposing this by explaining to the students and their parents who are burdened by heavy educational loans. In the middle of the essay, he properly explained his idea of a university with no buildings (Carey, 2015).

Where does Carey make a cause-and-effect argument? What causes and effects does he identify?

The cause-and-effect argument could be found in the overall discussion of the essay. In the very beginning, the crisis of the educational system is discussed, and student loans are discussed, which caused them to work on their studies to overcome the loan pressures. Its effects directly affect the financial conditions of the students, their parents, and their social lifestyle. Moreover, the expense of education is also the cause of the decrease in the quality of education, which resulted in very few learning possibilities in higher education (Carey, 2015).

Where does Carey make an evaluation argument? What is he evaluating? On what criteria does he base his essay?

To exemplify his overall argument of introducing universities with no physical infrastructure, Carey explained that anyone who has internet can get registered to edx, Coursera, and Sailor for some quality education (Carey, 2015). He provides his evaluation argument in this discussion by explaining the many excellent university professors who teach their expertise here, which is helpful for the students, and it’s totally free. Here, the student is able to learn without paying expensive bills from universities.

Does Carey make a definition argument in this essay? Does he make an ethical argument? If so, where? If not, where could he add these strategies?

By understanding Carey’s overall point of view, a definition argument could be analyzed against the government and the current university educational system. There is a direct definition argument in which Carey has said that the university charges for enrollment and puts students in a highly miserable life of unintentional loans (Carey, 2015).

How does each strategy contribute to the overall effectiveness of Carey’s argument?

All the discussions in the essay collectively make a final argument against the current university system and an introduction of a national university, which would result in free loans and quality education.

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