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What is Qualitative Method?

The qualitative method aims to understand the behaviors of human beings through the perspective of the informant. In this type of method, the data is collected through interviews and recording observations of the participants. This data is analyzed to find relevant information about the subject being researched. Qualitative is more descriptive data and can only be observed but not measured. This data can include interviews, movies, images, texts, etc. It is essentially all the data that is non-numeric and cannot be calculated. This type of method is beneficial in sociology, psychology, humanities, etc. as it allows the researcher to observe the facts presented by the data.

The qualitative method relies more on logic and reasons presented by the data, it does not rely on probability or statistics are these are quantitative values that are calculated and the qualitative method does not deal with calculable data. The KKV tried to perfect the qualitative method by incorporating the quantitative method into it but they failed to realize that both methods were devised to make the research more manageable by dividing the research into calculable data and analytical data. One method is not superior to the other but rather it is a manageable division of data. Mahoney pointed this out by stating that the KKV was simply creating confusion about the nature of the qualitative method by trying to combine it quantitative method and this effort was unnecessary (Mahoney, 2010). The case studies do not affect the ability of the government to assess and respond to Covid-19 as these case studies are presenting with data that can be analyzed to understand the nature of the virus. The qualitative method allows in-depth analysis of the problem by presenting raw facts which can be refined through more research and presenting a logical answer to the problem.


Mahoney, J. (2010). After KKV: The New Methodology of Qualitative Research. World Politics – WORLD POLIT, 62.



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