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What Feminism means to be?


There is a word which sometimes seems taboo if you use it “I am Feminist” for which you can hear many of the verbal abuse from people and they would consider you as the critical or crucial defect of a society. The world here we are living having an individual definition of universal terms without knowing what they are? And what is their work in our daily life? Same goes with Feminism like it is considered that feminism is considering women superior then men who are really a myth and it had some other perspective in that which says the concept of equity for male and female in the economic, social and political roles for which they are struggling around the world.

For this, we had study and review of the deliver text by Roxane Gay who is one of the best selling writers in the United States of America. She is also a professor in the Purdue University and opinion contribute to the NewYork Times. Also, she is an editor for The Rumpus and founder of The Tiny Hardcore Press. Also, she publishes book name Bad Feminist in 2014 which is one of the best selling books in the US and been appraised from all the way, and the talk we are going to discuss is around the same book where she titled it Confession of a Bad Feminist.


The talk was conducted under the umbrella of TED in which audience looks prominent Females those are sitting and listening with concentration to the talk which is the broader view of the book she has written and why she terms the book as Bad Feminist. This talk acquire the topic which we have to choose to give the real idea what feminism is to be and what we are and why calling herself as a bad feminist is necessary and had to change. In this talk, she shares about what still we do the things which are not linked to the feminism and why we are even ashamed to say yourself as feminist in front of others? In the talk, she states a line is saying “Too many famous female leaders and organizational had afraid to be termed as feminist. They are afraid to stand up and say Yes!I am a feminist because of fear what this label means, for being able to live up to the unrealistic expectations”(TED).

The purpose of this talk was that how feminism is and how we are practicing it in our real life. If we take the quote mentioned above it explains two things with linking it to one subject that women still afraid of saying their self as a feminist because they do not understand what does it means to be and they are still living still with unrealistic expectations which are really affecting the feminism practice and making it ineffective for being with raising in biasness.

If we explain the first argument, what feminism means to be? We mostly think of superiority of women which is not so true. Feminism means to have the liberty of practice of their social rights and to have control over their life with independent approach without the influence of any patriarchal values which is not an unnatural thing and everyone love to be independent. Feminism empowers women to share the task of men with them and become potential in the economic development roles because they have potential to better out the labor force. They should not feel ashamed of doing a task which society attached with a man like Roxane said watching the car which is full of dirt or maintenance of house external or internal like plumbing and minor electric fixations for which women are mostly dependent on the men.

The second debate which is valid to the talk about is the level of unrealistic expectations in which it is true. Roxane targets it in a way that still we are dependent on many things towards the man. We are not ready to wash our car by self, we are not ready to get out of that fake fairy tales which are unrealistic, and we are not able to get out of it. Feminism basically relies on reality, and logical aspect of life where being emotional is not bad but being emotionally dependent is bad, you should have liberty and being realistic in your life is a part of feminism. Women should be a source of inspiration and should be supportive of each other besides being jealous they should break a glass ceiling for the other ladies. Mostly we see women are a hurdle to women in professional life where they do not let other women excel in their profession because of feeling insecure with their place which makes them ashamed to say their self as feminist in front of others. There are many women claiming to be the feminist and make words to be pro-feminist, but in actions, they are weakened.

The talk all is logos, and there is blunt talk been conducted with the logic that how we are bad feminist in which we share out openly with behavior what we adopted.


Feminism is not an option its reality of a society which we all have to accept and have to fight for. The talk is highlighting the reality of Feminism which has to be adopted from the realistic approach which been demanded by feminist and this talk covering all the perspective with this regard where it defines feminism in actual terms and its need with realistic approach will make able to understand what feminism is?

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