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Ways to Reduce Healthcare Cost Essay

While Americans spend too much money on health insurance coverage, they are getting a raw deal on healthcare. The Republicans’ AHCA and Affordable Care Act (ACA) each with its pros and cons are more like “healthcare payers’ reform” and “health insurance coverage reform” rather than healthcare reform for patients (Burwell, 2015, p.98). Providing insurance is different from offering real access to compassionate, quality, and efficient healthcare in a timely manner. As the federal government discusses the elimination or changes of the ACA, one way in which I would influence my representative is to repeal the ACA commonly known as Obamacare. I would ask my representative to urge his colleagues in the House of Representatives to vote against the ACA. Besides, I would also influence my representative to find legislation that can pass both the House of Representatives and the Senate and reduce healthcare costs.

One way I can Identify my practice will help reduce healthcare spending in America is by having healthcare legislation that ensures Americans depend on their economic status. The heart of the problem is one-size-fits-all, Washington-created regulations that all Americans are the same (Shi & Singh, 2014). Each of the states in America has a different population with different healthcare needs. Therefore, there is no reason why all Americans should be forced to purchase equal essential health packages when they shop for health insurance. What is important for one family may not be essential to another. That is a decision for our families, communities, and diverse states to make not politicians and bureaucrats in Washington. For instance, if a family wants to purchase a high-deductible care plan that only covers big emergencies, such a family should be able to buy that plan (Cummings, 2016). If the representatives could repeal these and other ACA regulations, we could considerably reduce the healthcare premiums Americans are forced to pay every month.


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