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The prospectus is an official legal document filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), containing detailed information regarding the investment proposal to the public. The preliminary prospectus is the first document of the offer provided by the security company and the majority of the data on the transaction and transactions. After the entry into force of the Agreement, a final statement is published with final historical information, including such data as the exact number of shares / the number of certificates and the final bid price. In the case of mutual funds, there is information on the package, objectives, investment strategies, risks, efficiency, distribution policy, fees and costs, and fund management.


US Securities and Exchange Commission has ruled in regular physical activity and good independent securities, and capital markets more easily training investor protection. In 1934, Congress established that this was the first time the federal securities regulator. SEC encourages exposure to fraudulent practices and protects market investors by manipulating the US government. Normally, static trading is when securities are issued by the Internet or subsequently sold to investors registered with the SEC. Financial services companies, as well as labour representatives within the profession, think that the protection of trade brokers and consulting firms, assets, and managers must be registered with companies with the SEC.

Security Market (SEC)

The main service responsible for the implementation of the Commission for its role as a law enforcement expert. This is the beginning of an investigation into a violation of the safety laws, and the recommendation is to continue these cases on behalf of the Commission. SEC may participate in an order of the federal judge to register the civil and administrative court. In cases where criminal law agencies administer the law bodies, however, customization work in close cooperation with this kind of laws would be used to provide evidence to help the stock market case does not collect markets and scholarships in the role of the State Treasury and other securities that are exported and exchanged trade, official exchanges or over-the-counter markets. Stock, known as the stock market, is one of the largest component market economies, and it provides God’s free access to capital companies to provide an alternative to the share of investors.

Race is divided into two parts: the first and the second part. A new issue is sold in the market as the main public offering (IPO). From the habit of buying some of the elite institutions of these banks, if the number ‘open house’ the number of shares in a tender opening course, after keeping everyone in the market to stay where he is so full of present institutional and individual investors.

The share of large companies in the institutions often mention buyers’ and sellers’ shares and organize the organization’s organized standards (today, most transactions are electronically, and others are almost always stored in electronic form.). These changes occur in large cities around the world.

In terms of market capitalization, the two largest stock markets in the United States – the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Nasdaq, were established in 1792 and located on Wall Street (usually on the NYSE). In 1971, it was established on the Nasdaq, and today, we have all kinds of shares listed on the stock market today. It can be listed in the repertoire groups at the time the stock market stock, if they do not meet the criteria above, it is technology are listed on the Nasdaq. NYSE is the largest and most powerful in the world and most of the public stock. NASDAQ has many companies.

Readable Losses

Profit or loss of shares does not affect your tax if you do not have shares. Selling shares when you understand a loss or loss gain. The profit or loss is the net profit for sale and value. The net profit is lower than the sales cost, such as gross sales income and commission brokers. The cost is the price you pay for shares plus any transaction costs. With net revenue-based revenue, you will have a major cost of money.

Grouping Benefits And Losses

The sale of shares may result in a short-term or long-term profit or loss. The profit or loss is short-term if the share is one year or less. This is a long-term investment for tax purposes if the shares have a long-term advantage. In determining losses and gains on income tax, first, the loss should be offset by profit from the same species. Therefore, long-term stock loss and long-term capital losses are deducted from the long-term full profit for the year to compensate for long-term gains or losses. Draw short-term general capital loss on short-term capital gains and get short-term profit or net loss.

If you have short-term or long-term net losses from trade and other investments, they can be used to offset other gains. That is, the short-term pure loss can be deducted from long-term net income, and long-term net gains can be deducted from net short-term losses. If you have a general weakness after packing net-net profit, you can reduce your income, as well as their salaries, to $ 3,000. In general, capital losses may exceed $ 3,000.

It is necessary to maintain accurate records of short-term and long-term income losses and the stock market, as there are different tax consequences. Long-term income tax is not more than 15 per cent. The average income tax rate is taxed on short-term revenue by 35 per cent by 2012. Of course, you lost $ 2,000 in the stock market. When you need deductions for your income tax, you can save up to $ 300 if you need to use it to balance long-term results. However, when you spend the rest of your short-term or other income, your savings can grow up to 700 dollars.



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