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Understanding Hookup Culture

Understanding hookup culture is talk  about intimacy and sex, especially to young people. The lecture by Paula England clarifies what is happening on the mentioned issues. He encourages a wealth of data beginning the chart phenomenon of hooking up which is somehow a representation of fundamental changes.

Rethinking infidelity

In the TED talk rethinking infidelity, Perel is pointing out that cheating has never been easy. She asks the question what it is meant for marriage. On her talk, she tries to show whether marriage is the cause of divorces and couples’ confrontations. She indicates that she perceives affairs from a dual perspective. On one side there is self-discovery and growth while on the other there is betrayal and hurt.

The Great Porn Experiment

Gary Wilson talks about internet porn which is a fast-moving global experiment. He says that most of the young people who have internet access are an eager test subject. He shows that with the internet it is possible for a guy to view hot babes in just ten minutes which is contrary to their ancestors who could only see several in their lifetime.

The secret desire in long term relationships

In her TED, Esther Perel the secret desire, she argued that committed and good sex brings about two conflicting needs which include needing for surprise and need for security. In her talk, she explains why there is cooling out of sex with the same lover after a while.

The video that interests me is the great porn Experiment. One thing that I was aware is that sexual activities can be addictive despite it being healthy. More so, internet porn is not sex. I was got informed that watching naked body parts cannot prevent one from arousal addiction.

The one thing that I learned is that boys at the age of 10 seek pornography. I think the issue has several effects on today’s sexual relationships. It might create human relationships that might interfere with attachment and bonding in romantic relationships.


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