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In this paper, the two different systems of slavery have been chosen. One of the systems is the Roman slavery system while other system is the system observed in the Southern Area of America. Talking about the term of slavery, slavery itself is one of the most common dilemmas observed in the history of the mankind. People have undergone through immense inequality behavior and suffered slavery due to the inequality standards set by the people of our society. In the ancient times and even in the progressive times, no rights were given to the slaves. They had to suffer from oppression and propelled to work no matter what. Although slavery system has existed in different times but the two most prominent systems in the slavery is eh slavery system of Rome and the slavery system of Southern America.

Roman Slavery System:

Roman slavery system played an important role in the development of the economy and overall role in society. Usually slaves are observed to perform manual labor in the slavery system however in case of roman slavery system the slaves were bound to give domestic services as well. In certain cases the slaves were appointed for highly skilled jobs or even professionals since the slaves were given lesser pay and more work to perform (Cartwright & Cartwright, 2018). In Roman slavery system, accountant’s and physicians were the common form of slaves observed in the country. All other slaves who had lesser skills and no experience related to the field of professional were forced to work on farms and live the life full of oppression and suffocation. Other than farms they were forced to work in mill and mines. Since the skilled workers were working as slaves hence the overall economy was found to be improved. With short lives and brutal living conditions the living standards of unskilled slaves was worse than the other ones.

Involved People:

Basic people involved in the Roman Slavery system were the followers of Romulus. Romulus in the ancient Roman history started the idea of selling children to work for others. He allowed the roman fathers to sell their children to other native people and earn handsome amount of money from the process of selling. This idea expanded with the increase in the Roman State until a time was observed in the ancient Rome when certain group of people was named after the system of slavery in the region.


The entire Roman slavery system is filled with events that highlight slavery and warfare. Throughout the time period of the emergence and dominance of slavery there were man slaved who were brought in the different regions due to the warfare observed in those areas. Other than this, the common conditions observed in the time of Roman slavery was the concept of piracy which then took more attention with the increasing time. Many researchers have also found out the importance or the role of the slavery in the field of trade and economy. As far as Roman slavery system is concerned the system Roman elite enjoyed having more and more wealth by getting their work done by the slaves in different professional or unprofessional grounds.


The time of the Roman slavery system started from the old times of 1st century BCE till the recent ending of the form of slaves from the concerned area.

Major Location:

According to the researchers, Roman slavery system had slaves from different of the world. Slaves were drawn from all over Europe and the Mediterranean, including Gaul, Hispania, North Africa, Syria, Germany, Britannia, the Balkans, and Greece etc. Generally slaves in Italy were indigenous Italians, with a minority of foreigners (including both slaves and freedmen) born outside of Italy estimated at 5% of the total in the capital, where their number was largest, at its peak.

Slavery in the Southern America:

Southern Area of America is characterized by its division in the white and the black. There are dominant cultural aspects observed in favor of the White people observed in the society of South. In the 17th century the world observed the emergence of the idea of slavery in America. Although south remained an undiversified area but there was increase observed in the textile industry of the country. The elite class of the country was enjoying the perks of the health textile industry due to the handwork of the people from lower class termed as slavery at that time. The sustained growth and industrialization was at its peak when the whites in South enjoyed from the hard work of the black people in their area.

Involved People:

The major involvement in this system of slavery was observed due to the White people. Race has always been an issue in the premises of American which then formed the basis of this system of slavery.


Slavery in Southerner America is termed as the consequences of the civil war. Many people still believe that the slavery could have been avoided if there was no civil war in the society of the America. When the country was divided on the basis of North and South, the elite class was highly present in the South area. This gave the people in the south a chance to utilize their dominance. This is when they started differentiating among people on the basis of their race. The people with different or minority races were given the exposure to slavery in either domestic service or on professional grounds. Slave trade was common in those days. People were treated like things at time.


Southern American system of slavery started in the 17th century when the dominance of white American was easily observed by many of people.

Major Location:

According to the report given by the American Federal government, south of the Mason and Dixon Line, the Ohio River, and the 36°30′ parallel are considered to the major locations implementing high signs of slavery in these areas. Other than this, the areas of Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia are also included (Slavery & Wright, 2018).

Similarities and Differences:

Slavery in Roman system was based on the skilled and unskilled professional while slavery in Southern American system was due to the difference in the races and other such factors in the society. However, both the system of slavery shared one common interest which is the involvement of oppression and inequality in the society.


Slavery is one of the most dangerous aspects of the society that has been creating differences in lives of the people on the basis of inequality. Inequality has added social imbalance in the society. The two most common systems of Slavery are the Roman Slavery system and Southern American slavery system. These systems have marked an importance place in the history in different time intervals. Roman slavery system consisted skilled and unskilled slaves who were then allotted work according to their talents. On the other hand, the southern American slavery system was due to the dominance of White American in the society. This system started off in the 17th century with many areas of South being the victim to this system.


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