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Trump’s Road to the White House

PBS special on January 24th, 2017 left the general audience in surprise. The purpose of defining Trumps road to White House was to make sure that the general public knows what the future of their country is. Overall, the PBS show was not even biased or unfair since it showed a recap of the main events observed during the rise of the presidency of President Trump. However, the recap of all the events is quite horrifying for the people to see. The warning given by the program about the graphic language and viewer discretion shows the sensitivity of the program. One week after the airing of the show, the wounds of all the Americans that voted for Hillary were in a situation of chaos.

Reflecting the change in the behavior of president Trump as one of the most serious presidential candidates, the video starts by highlighting the night of the results of the election when the advisor of Trumps’ campaign was sure that success is not their destiny. The video is attempting to convey the behavior of the supporters of both the candidates after the elections and their results were announced. There were certain people who depicted that the light of the world would be destroyed if president Trump made his way to White House but their opinion changed after the results of the election were commenced. Hence the basic perspective behind this video was to answer the question of people that how president Trump actually got elected.

Trump’s Road to the White House video by PBS Frontline showed many of the unseen interviews with the campaign advisors of Trump and Clinton. Besides this, the video highlighted the views of public journalist and pollsters. All these unseen clips were able to explain the way of President down the alley of the presidency, his ability to beat the odds, Washington and the media as well. The actual key question that is raised after watching the content is that how the President Trump pivot in this situation when the worlds believed that there were no chances of his sues after his Access to Hollywood. Although, in the start, Trump himself believed that his presidency was a longshot.

To understand the content of the video one needs to understand some of the things related to the entire election campaigns till the end when the result was declared. In this entire scenario, the frustration of many of the American voters, the role of race in this entire scenario, the ceaseless abilities of President Trump and all the available interviews with the campaigns advisors of both the presidential candidates. The overall understanding of these issues will make the people move with the line of reasoning given by the PBS Frontline video.

Although PBS Frontline is known for its documentaries and new casting there are a few things which might be questioned about the content of the video. Donald Trump has been among those candidates who have broken the rules of the American politics in the last 17 months before getting on the seat of the American Presidency. The content of the video makes the people think positively but no verification is provided about the relation between President Trump in the Campaign and the President after he has been elected to the seat of the President. People are still in a confusing situation about the role of President Trump.

PBS Frontline video is a like wild ride given to all the viewers in the fifty-five minutes video. The unseen interviews, the ride of the all the scenes from the day one to the day President Trump got elected, everything filled the people with fear in the corner of their heart. Although the video is filled with fear the realities present in the video are not the ones that should be missed by the people or more precisely the general public. If the people follow the reason of lining displayed in the video content, there are many people will be convinced about the polarization observed in the country. Hence all those who watched the video were having trouble sleeping in the night because of the facts stated in the video.

At the start of the video, the narrator has highlighted that campaign advisor and President Trump decided on 7 and a half as the odds for President Trump to win in the elections of the United States of America. If the contents revealed by the video were to be ignored, then there were certain consequences will be observed. The voters of Hillary will still leave in a situation of chaos. The voters of President Trump will have to give people reasoning about justifying the actions of the President and reassuring about his deeds in the future.

In the concluding notes given by the PBS Frontline video, the entire vide can be concluded as the highlights of all the events happened during the elections. Although at first, there were certain things in the behavior of the Trump that made sure that success was not the destiny of this candidate however with the passage of time the changes in the campaign and the behavior of Trump as a candidate made the elections to change the situation. The losing situation for Donald Trump changed to the winning situation due to the pivot observed in his behavior.

To support the video, a number of interviews with the campaign advisors of the candidates were used. Besides this, the interviews of the important political journals have been highlighted. Other sources of facts used in the video are the gathering of facts covered by different media channels, different news reporters, and other media researchers. People may believe that these are not authentic sources of information however, all the media channels have different people who specifically track all such events related to the governmental affairs. Other than this highlights from the events covered as live coverage by many of the top bloggers have been mentioned. Overall, the entire video is buckling up of your seat belts and get ready for the ride full of facts and figures.



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