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Travelers Great Experience (TGE) Mobile Application


Travelers, Great Experience (TGE) is a mobile application designed to provide information about bookings of the cruise, and flights, and accommodation, transportation, bikes, a tourist in Australia. TGEA offers a lot of packages to customers in the travelling and accommodation industry. The application provides an interface where customers can register and search various travelling services, negotiate rates, and book as well. The interface is users’ friendly and it appears on the mobile screen immediately after installation is completed. The main goal of TGE is to become the number one mobile App in the provision of hospitality services to travelers in Australia. However, the TGE App has features which allow travelers to search, view, book, check rates, and cancel an order as well, and therefore, these make the App a unique mobile App in the industry.

Most importantly, the Mobile App is designed to allow customers to book and cancel booking as well. When a customer the booking of any of the services is provided, the App sends an immediate message to the industry affected or the company affected through email alert and text message so that the refund can be issued to the customer. It is necessary to note that the mobile App has taps for cancelling of a book and when this happens clients are issued with their full amount. However, the refund is issued only when the service is cancelled 48 hours prior to the date of booking. This is to make sure that the companies do not lose business and make loses as well.

The customers can trust TGE as a great values package and a great experience, first because it provides inclusive services on one platform. It gives people easy time to search and view various services on one platform. Second, the TGE is secure and respect privacy of all its users or customers and therefore, customers’ private details cannot be revealed to the public and again hacking the App is next to impossibility due to security features which have been configured. Besides providing an opportunity for customers to book services, customers can negotiate for a price and get a discount as well. It is an interface which allows customers to have an interactive booking of services. Customers can select and have a view of the room, select a seat on a flight and schedule time for picking up my bike and Taxi. Therefore, it offers more inclusive and interactive services to people and this makes it number one mobile App in Australia.

The Travelers Great Experience App enhances travelers through the provision of various services needed by at their figure tips. The tourists could be able to view different services prior to the travelling data and make necessary arrangement. It is important to note that travelers or tourists will be able to make booking when still at home, negotiate prices, and also make sure that necessary travelling arrangement are made. It enhances tourism in the essence that many people and any person can download the Mobile App from the internet and install free of charge and after downloading an individual will be able to view products which will automatically entice people to travel to different destinations.

Moreover, the TGE Mobile App as a catalogue of various destinations sites such as parks, beaches and other historical and known places and therefore, it offers people a rare opportunity to view products and make choice to visit these sites as well. Since all the best-known tourism sites are listed on the TGE catalogue App feature, it promotes those sites and therefore, it enhances travelling and tourism. The TGE also offers discounts and coupons to travelling and tourism during specific times and this encourages many people to travel.

The TGE mobile App would be able to provide an accurate update on scheduled flights cruise and other booked services. It also provides weather condition of places a customer schedule to visit so that a customer can make any necessary adjustments. In the case of flight delay, the App would be able to send a text message to a customer providing a reason for the delay and expected time of departure. TGE also updates passages on flight periodically on expected arrival to their destination and in case of bad weather; it will update the customer as well. It is because the airline system update will be integrated with the TGE Mobile App so that all updates issued by the online are automatically relayed to customers who are using TGE mobile App. The similar things will happen when delay Cruise and when other changes occur on services booked by clients.

However, in a bad weather condition, the clients will also be sent an update by the system so that customers can be able to adjust. Above all, the TGE App will also have a feature will allow clients to make urgent reschedule of booking, and change the time for a flight and date if they experience bad weather and even there is bad weather around airports which affect flights.

The Travelers Great Experience (TGE) will provide other features which will make it more attractive to customers. It shall have a link to most historical sites, flight book management, cruise schedule and destinations and transportation costs and offers. This is will be attractive and therefore, many clients will be willing to use the TGE to access information which is likely to turn into a business. The task of looking for best destinations and hotels is very tiresome to most travelers and the fact that the TGE will provide all these information in button will make the mobile app to be attractive and therefore, many people are expected to use.

Object or Action Analysis

Activity Consists of sub activities Action Object Comments
Download TGE Apps Go internet and search TGE app and download and then install the app on the mobile phone Enter personal details and


Internet Search object

Search query

Download object

Be keen when download and install the app to make sure that current personal details are keyed.
Phone menu God to TGE and tap the app to open for use Enter service or product you need Product list object

Prices object

Specify the service you need and browse keenly through to keep more offers.

Figure 1: Object/ Action Analysis: It provides guideline how the app will be used.

The Mobile App shall also have feature for coupon and points whereby the more a client uses the mobile App to book for a service a point is accumulated and, therefore, the more a client uses the Mobile App the more the points. These points can later be redeemed and used for travelling and even to book an accommodation. Besides the Mobile App will also have offers and discounts based on the number of users and references. The TGE will then have a feature which current clients can use to refer other people and when such a happening such a client will be able to generate some discounts on their travel arrangement immediately the person referred makes a booking. These features will make TGE one of its kinds in the Mobile App services. Mobile application should have users’ friend features and be able to used by anyone and therefore, the TGE will be users’ friendly as well (Hopkins, 2015, p. 14).

Travelers Great Experience Wire frames

Figure 2: Wireframes for the TGE apps

Travelers Great Experience Mobile App is a great app which shall revolutionize the hospitality industry and make it possible for every traveler to enjoy booking of services in their homes at their figure tips. It will address tiresome booking of services which and management of travelling. The mobile App will be able to management travelling schedule and also provide accurate updates and alert on various bookings of clients. It is, therefore, important to note that the TGE will have features for cancelling service, booking services, updates on various destinations, and other travelling management features such as destinations, parks and historical sites so that clients can be able to browse, view and book any of the destinations. The TGE will offer an inclusive package for clients so they can enjoy travelling without having the stress of travelling management because TGE will do that to all its clients.

Story board of Travelers Great Experience

Navigation maps of the app

Navigation maps are key features of an app which provide proper guideline to customers on how to use the app efficiently:

List of product

  1. Destinations
  2. Books Hotels
  3. Taxi available
  4. Museums
  5. Clubs


  1. Airlines
  2. Hotels
  3. Weather
  4. Politics

Cancel service

  1. Flight
  2. Hotel
  3. Taxi or cab


Hopkins, F. 2015. Mobile Application User’ Friendly features management. Journal of Science and Technology, 2-38.



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